Who Will Make It To The X Factor Live Finals!

This Weekend, X Factor reaches Judges Houses and Gary, Tulisa, Kelly and Louis have the hard decision of cutting their acts down from 8 to 4 who will all perform on the live shows during the coming weeks.

Yes already we are at Judges Houses and the competition is now fierce for those lucky few that will make it to the live shows. The weeks have flown by and we have seen the numbers cut down to 32 acts who are now ready to give it their last shot before the mentors decide on their final 4. Last week we saw Louis get the over 25’s, Gary get the boys, Kelly get the girls and Tulisa get the groups. Judges Houses are one of the best parts of the shows as we see them make the hard tough decisions, which often lead to controversy! (Like last year’s Gamugate!) Also the mentor’s helping hands will be interesting with rumours of the likes of Beyonce, Adele and Robbie. These are the ones I think will get through to the live shows and we will be following their every move for the next few weeks.

Girls- I think the girls are a very strong category this year, with each one having very diverse and interesting voices. One of my favourite girls this year is Jade, who shone after her first audition when she sung Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’. She is very unique and has such a strong voice. I think she is unlikely to become a Diva and could go far in the competition as long as they don’t change her too much! Another one of my favourite girls is Amelia. She is a pretty young 16 year old who has a lot of potential with her raw voice. I loved her version of Pink’s song and she is a little Gwen Stefani in the making. I also adore Janet. She is so delicate and innocent and her voice is very unique. I loved her version of Areosmith’s I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing. She could definitely win with the right songs. As for the fourth spot I think it will be tight between Misha and Sophie. Misha is the new ‘Cher lloyd’ of the competition and she has lots of attitude and confidence. She could bring some good entertainment to the show but Sophie has been popular with the judges from the beginning and might be the dark horse. I think it definitely could be a girl to win!

Boys- The Boys are also very interesting this year with all of them strong characters. Frankie Cocozza is definitely the cheeky lad who can do no wrong with the ladies. I think he will be very popular and will make the live shows. Just look at what he’s done with ‘Iris’! Another Boy who I like is Marcus Collins. He has a strong voice and has a lot of soul to it. I think he is unique and will get through. The third choice and fourth choice for me are definitely tricky. Joe Cox has an amazingly unique voice and is definitely this year’s ‘Aiden Grimshaw’. I like the tone of his voice and think he could be really good. For the fourth spot, I would think John Wilding may do it. After missing out on a spot last year he has gained confidence and has an awesome voice. But the other 4 are really good and I think maybe James Michael may pip it.

Over 25’s- There are better characters than last year in the over 25’s. Kitty will be through although I think potentially she could be hated. She is a very confident lady who’s performance was very GaGa. She will provide us with entertainment for a good couple of weeks. For my second choice I would choose Samantha as she is hilarious and does have a cracking voice. She has a bubbly voice and I think she could click with the audience. Now that Goldie’s out, I would like JohnJo to go through he has a good voice and he is very unique. For the fourth spot, I would choose Terry as he is a good guy who has a really good voice. I think that he could do well. The Over 25’s will be less of a joke now Goldie has gone which is good.

Groups– This is definitely the weakest category. My first choice would be 2 shoes, although we didn’t see them at bootcamp, they are sweet and funny and very genuine and the essex girls could do well. The keys would be my next choice, they are good looking guys who were formed before and actually all work well together and could do well in the competition. The other two spots will go to groups formed during the show. I think this be The Lovettes and The Risk. These two were the best out of the groups formed and could do well. But I still don’t think a group will win this year!

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