Who Will Make The Semi-Final?

X Factor UK is now in the quarterfinals and there are a total of 5 contestants left. They all sang 2 hits last night but who will make the semi-finals?

Last night was a mega show of glitz and drama with Amelia Lilly, Janet, Misha B, Marcus and Little Mix showing off their vocals with 2 songs. The final 5 all want a place in the semi final next week and whether or not you think the show is doing well or if they are the right contestants, take a look at who I think will make it.

Little Mix: They were on first last night and weren’t at their best. Their Guilty Pleasure song was a bit weak and their second song Beautiful by Christina wasn’t great. However it was emotional and the girls did put a great effort in and I do love their other performances. I think they will not only make the semi final but definitely the final too as they are real girls and young women can relate to them.

Janet: Janet had an awful night last night unfortunately. She has always been one of my favourites but she has got progressively worse unfortunately. Last night her first song was Hanson, which wasn’t great and she even forgot her words. However her version of a Red Hot Chilli Peppers song was much better but she seems to have definitely lost her spark. She is likely not to make it to the semi final, however she has quite a strong fan base but I think she will be unlucky tonight.

Amelia Lilly: Amelia was in the bottom two last night but she still has a strong fan base out there. She performed two good performances last night and I did like her Kelly Clarkson number. She deserves to be there and she has done well considering she left the competition at the start. I think she might be in danger if people forget her again but I would like her to be in the semi final.

Misha B: Misha B did very well last night after several times in the bottom two. She isn’t very popular and I think that she might be in the bottom two today. Her two performances were amazing last night and she was back to her brilliant self. However, I’m not sure that she will make it to the final and I think it will be her and Janet in the bottom two tonight.

Marcus: Marcus showed off his brilliant talent last night with two very different performances. He showed how diverse he can be and it was a great night for him. His Stevie Wonder tune stole the show and I think that it would a huge shock if he doesn’t make it to the semi final. He could possibly win if he carries on delivering top performances.

 So we will have to wait and see but I think games up for either Janet or Misha.


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