Who Will Win Big Brother 2011?

Unbelievably we are in the final week of Big Brother after just over 2 months. On Friday’s show there will be a new winner of Big Brother and the first series on Channel 5 will be over. After a slow start the series has been quite good although it will never be as good as Channel 4’s version.

Nearly 8 weeks ago, 14 unknown members of the public entered the house. Everybody was unsure although we had experienced what it would be like with Brian due to the Celebrity version being shown just before. The housemates were younger than in previous series and so they were up for anything really and just wanted some fun.

First out was Tashie after she didn’t jell with the public and seemed very attention seeking. Next out was Rebeckah after her two-week relationship with Aden was seen as one sided and she seemed to be using him. Since the show they are meant to be giving it a go but who knows if this is true. Next out was Heaven after she seemed to be a bit outrageous and was having arguments with the other housemates. Next was Maisy who seemed quite self-centred and also had the incident with Aaron. The following week Mark left which was a huge shock when he decided to walk. He was favourite to win and he would still be there if he hadn’t. Jem came in and soon walked out and definitely was a very disappointing housemate. Next out was Aden after becoming a puppy to Anton’s plan and the business with Rebeckah. Anton after much game planning and two-faced nonsense in the diary room got booted out next. Then we had the shock eviction with Harry going last week who played quite a funny role in the house. He was meant to come third too so was a huge shock. Then finally last night Faye left although everyone thought it would be Louise and now we have our final 5.

Could Aaron win? It’s quite a big possibility. He always gets saved first and there is a huge fan base out there that adores him. He’s definitely been a good contestant and has been funny, sometimes odd and we have seen all sides to him. Whether he is playing a game is the question and he has had quite a lot of arguments with Faye and his moody moments also might be his downfall. But I think it will be very close between him and Alex for the top spot.

Could Alex win? Well she is favourite to win and has been since Mark left the show and her hilarious ‘tanning task’. She is a great girl and although she can act a bit ‘dumb’ sometimes she is smart and you can see she puts her mind to everything she does. She even showed that with the rowing task where she kept doing it even though she weren’t the fittest of the contestants. I think she is a hilarious girl but whether she can beat Aaron, we will have to wait and see.

Could Jay win? Jay has turned into a nicer guy since Anton left and this will help with votes. He is lovely with Louise and a real gent (apart from the wind of course). He is good looking too which will help with votes and he just seems like a nice down to earth guy. However Alex and Aaron are just more popular I think but good luck to him.

Could Louise win? I think it would be very surprising. Although she’s a lovely girl, everyone was shocked she stayed in the house last night instead of Faye. She is sweet and has showed that she isn’t silly and is quite a tomboy. She is very down to earth and I can imagine she’s very loyal. Her looks will help and her relationship with Jay is very real and sweet but I think there is no hope of her winning the show.

Could Tom win? I don’t think so. Although he can be funny at times and his ‘bab’ comments do make me laugh he can be a bit whiny and his crush on Aaron was hard watching. He has had a tough time with his granddad dying at the start of the show but he can be quite funny and his relationship with Alex is hilarious. I very much think though that he could possibly be first out on Thursday night.

So the end is here and Big Brother has definitely been worth a watch. There is definitely been something missing which is Davina. We will have to wait and see if channel 5 continues with the show.


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