Who Will Win Britain’s Got Talent 2013?

The semi-finals are finally here after weeks of auditions. We have seen some funny, amazing and brilliant acts but now were down to the final 45. Who will follow in Pudsey’s footsteps and win the show this year?

Simon, Alesha, David and Amanda have been hunting the country for the best talent on offer. This year has seen quite a diverse variety of acts such as impressionists, singers, magicians and dancers. As popular as ever, the show is getting high views and the judges seem to click very well. Simon brings many viewers as people love to see what he will say.  David is hilarious, especially with Simon, and seems to be quite a kind guy underneath. Amanda has been with the show since the beginning and loves all the acts, especially the little ones and singers. Alesha brings a bit of spice to the show with her feisty attitude but seems lovely as well.

Last night we saw the judges cut the acts down to 45 of the very best to compete in the live semi-finals every day this week. Most were who I expected, was a little surprised not to see the divers there in the semi-finals.  The following are the ones I think will make the final:

The comedians and impressionists are fantastic this year and there are 3 that stand out. But I think Francine Lewis will be the one to make the final. Her impressions of Stacey and Katie Price were brilliant and she seems like a fun girl to. I did really like Phillip though and he was really fun and energetic. I really liked Jack the comedian too but not sure he will get through to the final.

There are several really good singing groups this year but the Luminites are really great. They sounded really fresh together and I think they could go through to the finals.

Young singers are in top form this year, with several writing their own songs even. My favourites were Asanda who sang Rihanna’s Diamonds and even put her own stamp on it. I really liked Arisxandra as well and her voice is outstanding for her age.

Adult singers are also amazing this year. I loved Alice’s first audition and I think the song made a big difference as it wasn’t so great on the Voice. I also really like Alex and his version of Bring Him Home. I also loved Rosie and she didn’t know how good she was. Her voice is great.

The dancers were really good and different this year. Martin and Marielle were really fabulous and showed off some brilliant moves. I also liked Pre-Skool and found them really fun and so cute. Shadow dancers, Attraction, were amazing and my favourite of the whole series. I hope they bring out something really moving and amazing again and they might have a chance of winning.

There are some really random acts too like juggler Thomas who Simon didn’t want through but was great at what he did. Magician Aaron was really watchable and I can’t wait to see what he does this time!

There are so many great acts this year and lots of funny ones have gone through too. I think that it’s really open about who could win this year unlike other years but think Attraction or one of the impressionists might win it.



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