Who will win Celebrity Big Brother 2010?

It seems like only yesterday those semi-famous celebs wandered into the [[Celebrity Big Brother (2010 Series)|Celebrity Big Brother]] Hell House. Bewildered, slightly frightened by the rowdy crowd outside, and unsure of where they stood on the scale of celebrity housemates, they soon formed bonds and the occassional division.

But now only five celebs remain: Soccer hard nut Vinnie Jones, loveable cage-fighting drag queen Alex Reid, slightly dull Dane Bowers, soap-bitch Stephanie Beacham and lanky Swedish popstar Jonas Altberg (aka Basshunter, aka Basshumper).

I thought I’d share my opinions of who should win. Bear in mind though, that most of the real fun characters have already been booted. Lady Sovereign and Stephen Baldwin may have been annoying, but they challenged the status quo. Many of the remaining housemates are still there because they flew under the radar.

  • Vinnie Jones: Hard nut turned actor Vinnie has ruled the house with an iron fist this year. Turn against him at your peril, because Vinnie had such a commanding influence on the other housemates, they mostly went along with whatever he said. Labelled a bully, on one hand due to his behaviour, Vinnie has polarised the public, but I still think he’s a force to be reckoned with. He may still win it.
  • Alex Reid: Unknown to the public 12 months ago, Alex rose to fame when he started dating Katie Price after her split from Peter Andre. Until now, he’s been lumped in the same ‘desperate fame seeker’ catagory we reserve for his girlfriend, but he’s showed a warmth and naive vulnerability in Big Brother that’s charmed the public. One word of warning though – a vote for Alex may be considered a vote for Katie Price. If he wins, he should dump her live on TV during his final interview. Taste of her own medicine and all that.
  • Stephanie Beacham: The last of our housemates with personality, albeit by turns snooty and snide, switching to funny and giggly with certain housemates. By no means can you call Stephanie Beacham a sweet old lady, but even though she was very bitchy in the house (especially alongside Vinnie), she was game for a laugh and threw herself into the tasks.
  • Dane Bowers: Oh Dane. I just found myself wondering why you were there. You could have easily slipped into the regular Big Brother, and you’d probably have been labelled “Dane, 30-something, unemployed”. A really nice geezer, I’d be happy to sit down and buy him a pint. But everybody knows nice guys finish last.
  • Jonas Altberg: It’s a good job Jonas’s mission wasn’t to disprove the cliche that Swedes are dull. His fixation with Katia was somewhat passionless bordering on obsession. Even parading around in his pants was boring (and probably underwhelming, eh ladies?)

So, while I’d almost like Alex to win, I wouldn’t want Miss Price to think this’ll benefit her popularity. It won’t. But that’s why I won’t vote for Alex.

If it’s down to pure entertainment value, then the one person I’d like to win it would be Vinnie Jones. What about you lot?

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