Who will win Celebrity Big Brother 2011?

Celebrity Big Brother ends in 2 days time and our favourite celebrity will be crowned the winner. Amy, Jedward, Bobby, Darren, Kerry, Lucien and Paddy remain but who should win?

Channel 5’s Celebrity Big Brother has definitely been very different to channel 4’s show. There has been mixed comments but the celebrities have definitely been quite entertaining to watch, especially Jedward! We also had Brian’s awkward interview with Tara, Paddy’s funny comments (which we could not really understand) and no walkouts surprisingly! Big Brother will start on Friday and we will meet new characters to watch over the next few months but who should steal the crown on the celebrity version on Thursday?

Amy Childs– Amy is a lovely girl who has come across well on the show. It was funny to see the other day when her dog came in and how much she loved it. Her flirting with Lucien has grown a bit boring and I’m not sure she even fancies him so this may stop her chance at winning. I think she will come 2nd. Jedward– What a surprise that I can tell which twin is which now! John is definitely the livelier of the twins whilst Edward is definitely calmer. They don’t ever stop being the way they are so it is not an act. They are great fun and I loved the shopping task and all their silly games in the house. I will be shocked if they don’t win the show! Kerry Katona- I had many reservations about Kerry when she came in the house, thinking that she was very attention seeking. But although I do think she has maybe acted up to the cameras a little, she has been very grounded and down to earth and has come out as a genuine decent lady. I think she will do well and come 3rd Paddy Doherty: Paddy has been very quiet and occasionally comes out with something very funny. He has been a genuine housemate and he does seem like a nice guy. He has got on well with the others too. I think he will come 4th. Darren Lyons has been a very entertaining housemate to watch. His pink hair and impressive false six-pack will not be forgotten. He has stirred up the conversations and has a very mixed personality. He was too soft on Bobby when he sweated in his drink and definitely showed his softer side during the Tin Mask Task he will come 6th! Bobby Sabel: I am unsure why Bobby is still in the house. He was definitely eye candy for the girls but he seems to be lacking much of a personality. He was wrong sweating in Darren’s drink but has been better since. The girls must be voting for him! He will definitely come last. Lucien Laviscount– He has definitely shone in the big brother house. This lovely looking guy has flirted with pretty much all the girls in there and definitely has a soft spot for Amy. Tara and Amy dancing with him was hilarious and he is a funny guy. He will come 5th.

So the end of celebrity Big Brother and the question is will channel 5 bring it back next year? We will have to wait and see how Big brother pans out.

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