Who Will Win I’m A Celeb?

Well after a couple of weeks we are already at the end of I’m A Celebrity. 13 strange and interesting celebrities have now dwindled to 2 left battling it out to be King Of The Jungle!

The celebrities have been an interesting bunch and since last week they have been up for the public vote with one going out each night. First out was Stephanie who had been fairly quiet in the jungle. Sinitta, who had been scared of everything in the jungle and was very entertaining, quickly followed her. Next out was Pat who had been a funny character, winding up the other campmates, especially Lorraine. She was next out and was full of relief; she seemed like a lovely lady.

Next out was glamorous Jessica. I was surprised that she left before Emily, as she had seemed quite down to earth. Next out was Emily who wasn’t very well known but had flirted with Mark and who knows they might have a future together. Chrissie was next out after being a fun character in the jungle and she had made everyone laugh. In fifth place was the wonderful Willie. His little wiggle has become very popular and he seemed like a nice guy.

Last night we saw Anthony gain fourth place, which was quite a shock. He was favourite to win for ages and does seem like a nice guy but people have turned against him over the last few days with his mood swings. In third place was Fatima who has been very funny to watch in the jungle. Wanting to go do everything and her spats with Anthony made good viewing and she is definitely a funny character.

So now we are left with our final two!

Mark Wright: Who knew that he would gain so many fans after his cheating and arrogance on The Only Way Is Essex! He has come across as a lovely guy who cares for his family and has been lovely with the older people too in the camp. The Emily business I thought may cause his popularity to go down but he dealt with it well, not coming on too strong. He has also taken to the tasks well and after a couple of strong tasks at the beginning, the viewers chose others rather than picking on him. I think there is a good chance he could win it and would be a worthy winner.

Dougie Poynter has come across as a decent guy, even know he was quiet at first. Over the last week or so he has come out of his shell and is very adorable. His confessions about rehab were very honest and it seems he has moved on to another cute lady now. I think that originally it might of just been the Mcfly fans voting but now he has gained many fans and I think that he has a good chance of winning even though he hasn’t done as much as Mark.

So I think Mark will just pip it and Dougie will be a worthy second place.   

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