Who will win The Apprentice tomorrow night?

The Apprentice final arrives tomorrow night and finalists Tom, Helen, Susan and Jim will be battling it out for the chance to be Lord Alan Sugar’s business partner.

This was the first series that I have actually watched the apprentice and I have really enjoyed the series and the challenges the candidates have undertaken. The apprentice is now in the seventh series and is still as popular as ever with the public. Highlights of the challenges have been the pet food challenge where they had to create a new brand of pet food and also the magazine one where they had to create a free publication, they have all been fun to watch. Candidates have been fired each week and now Lord Alan has his final four. But who should win?

Susan Ma

Susan is the youngest candidate at only 21 years old but she has a successful career as a skincare entrepreneur and definitely is very confident with herself. Susan has shined when she has been project manager but she has also often been in the losing team. Susan can talk her way out of many situations and she definitely believes in herself. But she hasn’t been very popular with the others and especially had a bad relationship with Natasha. I don’t think she has a chance of winning but if she does well with her idea, maybe she can talk her way into it.

Helen Milligan

Helen has been in the winning team every week apart from one week and is definitely a favourite to win. Helen is an Executive Assistant to a CEO so has a very different job to the others but she definitely is very talented. She has been a successful project manager and always has really good ideas. She is very confident and does seem to get on well with the others. If the winner was to be chosen on whom has done best on tasks then Helen should win but it will come down to how well she does with her idea. I think she has got a good chance of winning.

Jim Eastwood

Jim is definitely the cockiest and charming of the four left. A sales and marketing manager, Jim knows how to talk the talk and has been in the winning team many times. He has proved himself in tasks especially the investment task where he sold loads and worked well with the public. He often manages to manipulate the situation so the others look bad so he doesn’t get on great with the others. Lord Alan often talks about how Jim can talk for England and I think he has a good chance of winning

Tom Pellereau

Tom has been in the boardroom several times on the losing team and often Alan has said he is on his final chance. An Inventor, Tom is full of ideas but unfortunately he is often giving them too late. He often has lots to say after the event but the other candidates have often drowned him out during the challenges. Last week he showed himself in the fast food challenge and he proved why he’s in the competition doing well thinking of ideas I think that if his idea is good there is a chance that Tom could win.

So I believe Helen will win the two hour special tomorrow but we will have to wait and see.





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