Who won American Idol? Lee DeWyze takes the 2010 title

In an epic finale night that also saw the departure of American Idol’s most important judge, [[Lee DeWyze]] was crowned the winner of Season 9 of the show.

Not to sound slightly bitter, but America chose DeWyze’s completely limp version of Beautiful Day over [[Crystal Bowersox]]’s emotive Up To The Mountain as a winner’s song? Ah, come on. It’s a slightly disappointing end to the series, especially when Bowersox out-sung DeWyze at every turn in the final showdown.

Still, we mustn’t grumble or try to detract from what Lee DeWyze did bring to the table. He was the underdog character who muddled through the first few weeks of the show in the middle: never being so bad that the judges destroyed him with negative comments, but not really gaining high praise either. Around the mid-point of the series, it became clear that DeWyze was steadily improving, growing in confidence and ability.

His earnest, humble demeanour endeared him to a legion of fans on the show, but over the weeks you could see his ambition to win becoming clear.

However, a minor cause for concern is that DeWyze already has three albums under his belt. Yep, it’s true. The only thing that’s different this time around is that he’s got major exposure in the form of American Idol. But will it translate into sales? That remains to be seen:

DeWyze’s future success, as with all “Idol” winners before him, will be determined by record sales, not viewer votes. With his rock-infused singer-songwriter leanings, DeWyze has the potential, like eighth season winner Allen, to be eclipsed by a more daring runner-up or, in the case of fifth season fourth-place finisher Chris Daughtry, to rock out on his own.

Still, the margin between the two finalists was pretty tight, meaning that Lee’s win wasn’t quite an outright success. Crystal still pulled in a significant amount of votes:


Host [[Ryan Seacrest]], kicking off the show’s star-studded season finale, said a slim margin of votes separated Bowersox and DeWyze coming into the final lap of the competition. The two finalists were within a 2 percent margin before they performed Tuesday and viewers made their final decision, Seacrest said on Wednesday show.

We’ll be covering more from the [[American Idol (2010 Series)|American Idol]] finale later today, including those tributes to [[Simon Cowell]] (including a fun slurry speech by Paula Abdul) and details and videos of the celebrity performances including Janet Jackson, Joe Cocker, Alanis Morissette, Bret Michaels, Hall & Oates and Christina Aguilera.

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