Who won Ultimate Big Brother? BB2’s Brian Dowling

Brian Dowling wins Ultimate Big Brother

Brian Dowling, winner of Big Brother’s second series, has now added Ultimate Housemate to his title.

Earlier this evening, Brian became the winner of Ultimate Big Brother, with Nikki Grahame as runner-up. In an evening that very sentimentally waved goodbye to Big Brother, it came as a bit of a disappointment that two of the arguably most fake housemates managed to win.

Nikki, in any footage I’ve seen played up to the cameras by gurning and giving half-hearted tantrums. It always felt to me that she was playing the “Nikki” she thought the public would want to see. And as for Brian Dowling…well, he just managed to be around any housemate who was getting screen time. He seemed to instinctively know who Big Brother was following at any time and made sure he was nearby.

Oh, I’m sure he’s a lovely guy, but the hyper-campness and frequent cries of “oh no, you ditn’t” wore thin very quickly.

Davina reveals that Brian has NEVER faced eviction and he’s won Big Brother twice now. Brian describes Big Brother as “Life changing, it defined what I’ve done in the last ten years”. He tells Davina that right now “I just want to go and get drunk”.

On another matter – it looks like the remaining housemates were briefed on the scandal with Nadia Almada before they left the house. Brian mentioned it in his interview, and I think Nick Bateman referenced it as well. And added to that, a couple of the outgoing housemates spoke highly of Coolio, who – if the press are to be believed – was at the heart of the scandal in the house.

Pushing the scandal aside, Channel 4 put on a wonderful series of retrospectives to Big Brother on its last night – tributes to Davina, Jade Goody and Dermot O’Leary returned for a last supper with many of the Big Brother winners. A brilliant night for Big Brother, and even though I wasn’t a superfan by any stretch, I did feel a little bit nostalgic for the show. Shame about the final winner though. Chantelle was robbed.

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