Who won X Factor 2010? Matt Cardle, like we predicted!

Matt Cardle is the winner of the seventh series of [[The X Factor 2010|The X Factor]]. Though as we discovered on tonight’s Xtra Factor, it wasn’t such a surprise win – Matt had ‘won’ (ie. got the most phone votes) every show this year except the first one!

It was the best of X Factor finals in that it was impossible to tell who would win. At various points, it looked like any of the acts could have won it. Rebecca Ferguson may have pulled off the performance of the night with her version of Annie Lennox’s Sweet Dreams

It was the worst of X Factor finals in that there were more bum notes than we’ve ever heard on the show. Rebecca’s voice just didn’t suit the group version of Never Forget, sounding like a klaxon in the midst of an anthemic pop song. Even Cardle managed an extremely anaemic cover of Katy Perry’s Firework which left a lot of his followers wondering if they were supporting the wrong contestant.

Even the ‘star turn’ was recycled. It was Take That, doing their latest single The Flood (despite Dermot O’Leary promising the title track from Progress). The thing is, Take That have already guested on X Factor this year (with the same song), and Robbie did a solo performance with One Direction on last night’s show. And to top it all off, Take That were all over the BBC’s flagship reality show Strictly Come Dancing this weekend. Total overkill. The only thing that would have been worse would have been the ubiquitous appearance by Westlife.

I hate to be an awful gurn, and it’s possible you’ll all start hurling insults at me for saying this, but I was so bored by the X Factor final at one point that I just…left the room and pottered about for a while. The real spectacle happened on Saturday night, with Rihanna looking and sounding sensational and Christina Aguilera clearly trying to sing Rebecca Ferguson off the stage.

Positives, looking for positive things to say…

OK, it was reassuring that One Direction got voted off first. I have to say that much. The boys might have had the nation’s teenage girlies screaming themselves hoarse for the last few months, but as boybands go, they weren’t the best vocalists. It was good to see the final two being the best singers left standing – Matt and Rebecca. And though we’d decided to support Matt to win, there was a moment when Rebecca had us considering a last minute switching of allegiances!

I’ll sum up the series in a post later on, but it hasn’t been the best this year. Too much negative publicity about the contestants (and too many people suggesting that the X Factor’s press team are leaking those stories). Too many allegations of the show being a fix, that the voting figures are known to Simon Cowell, if not all the judges. And this final proved that many of the singers were steadily getting worse instead of better. Matt had the ongoing excuse of throat problems for the last fortnight, but the out of tune singing was an epidemic that blighted the entire series.

Still, we’ve got an interesting winner in Matt Cardle – a slightly older contestant who’s more accustomed to doing indie-rock type songs. I think he may fight his corner on creative decisions, and end up giving us something more authentic than lesser male winners before him like Joe McElderry and Leon Jackson.

The winner’s single is When We Collide, which is a cover of Biffy Clyro’s Many Of Horror. We’ve not done a comparison of the two versions yet, but Matt’s studio version is pretty good from what we’ve heard so far – have a listen and let us know what you think:

And just to prove that Matt had this year’s show won since virtually day one, here are the official top two places for each week of X Factor. It’s in the format of first/second. With the exception of the first week, Matt got the most phone votes for every other week.

  1. Mary Byrne/Matt Cardle
  2. Matt Cardle/Mary Byrne
  3. Matt Cardle/Mary Byrne
  4. Matt Cardle/Cher Lloyd
  5. Matt Cardle/Rebecca Ferguson
  6. Matt Cardle/Rebecca Ferguson
  7. Matt Cardle/Katie Waissel
  8. Matt Cardle/Rebecca Ferguson
  9. Matt Cardle/Rebecca Ferguson

Which, when you think about it, makes all that talk about fixing the sing-offs seem a bit pointless now. If someone’s consistently winning the phone vote every week, it doesn’t really matter what order the rest of the contestants get eliminated in, does it?

So, are you lot happy that Matt Cardle won, or would you have preferred One Direction or Rebecca Ferguson?

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