Who’s Going To Get To The Final Of Big Brother?

Now that Caroline has been given the boot, there are just 9 people left battling it out to get to the final. With just two weeks left, is there a clear winner or could anyone make it to the finish line?

Big Brother has been very surprising this year with a lot of backstabbing and 2 groups have formed in the house. The outsiders (Luke A, Deana, Adam and Sara seems to be joining this group) have been trying to hang on as several members of their group were booted off, including the very popular Lauren. The insiders (Luke S, Connor, Ashleigh and Becky) have been on top form, managing to escape eviction till this week. Scott doesn’t seem to fit into either of these groups although I think he will start hanging out with the outsiders more and more. Caroline finally got the boot after constantly moaning about other housemates and being called ‘vile’ and ‘selfish’. She had a terrible reception and unfortunately she didn’t help things by refusing to apologise about her behaviour. Luke S just scraped it and it left him worrying about what he has done. With just over 2 weeks to go, I’m hoping there will be some twists and turns with the nominations otherwise the public’s favourites will be in danger this week. So who is going to make the final?

Luke S: I think Luke S will try and win the public over this week after appearing very shocked last night at his boos. He potentially could get  to the final and get fifth place as there are people left in there more hated than him but I’m not sure people would pick up the phone and vote to save him. His relationship in the house with Ashleigh hasn’t helped things and his comments about it to the fake agent didn’t help his popularity with the public. No chance of winning though.

Ashleigh: After originally really liking Ashleigh, she hasn’t come across great the last few weeks. She does get involved with the backstabbing and also her comments about Luke S with the onion remarks were a bit harsh and her row with Adam won’t win her any fans. She could potentially get that fifth place, depending if she gets put up for vote this week. She has no chance of winning at all.

Adam: Adam is a lovely guy who has definitely turned his life around. His friendship with Luke A and Lauren has been fun to watch. I think he is definitely a contender to win and will definitely make the final. He could be in trouble with nominations this week, if he’s up against Deana or Luke A he might not make it.

Luke A: Luke A has become more and more popular since he was saved against Lauren. Standing up to the other housemates has also gained him more fans and I think it would mean a lot to him if he won. I think that he will narrowly escape nomination this week but even if he went up as long as it wasn’t against Deana he should be fine!

Sara: Sara has become more and more popular over the last few weeks after being very quiet and not shown much before. She seems a genuine girl who is very sweet and stands up for herself. I think she could surprise everyone with her position in the final although I think she may go up this week after the insiders were moaning about her on last night’s episode.

Deana: Deana is favourite to win the whole show and she definitely has been through a lot. I think she is a definite to get to the final, even if she is up for nominations this week. I personally don’t want her to win but think she’s a kind girl and she will have quite a lot of support after what she has had to put up with, especially with Connor.

Connor: To be honest, I don’t know why he is still in the house. He said some very nasty things about Deana but he seems to have a strong fan base out there. I don’t want him to make the final, but he possibly could as he seems to have these fans out there. He hasn’t been as nasty over the last couple of weeks to be fair.

Becky : Becky has definitely changed from the bubbly girl that went into the house. After being one of the public’s favourites, she is bottom of the list after being very backstabbing and nasty about other housemates. When she goes into the diary room, she changes into a different person and her voice even changes. She will be next out if she goes up this week.

Scott: Scott is a very quiet character who gets involved with the backstabbing but doesn’t really have much problem with either group. He was very close to Caroline and then Becky and now he seems to be with neither group. He could make the final and is the most likely out of the others to take that fifth position.

So depending on the nominations, I think the final 5 will be Sara, Scott, Deana, Adam and Luke S but they all could be in danger if they are put up this week.




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