Who’s going to make the Dancing on Ice Final?

So after Jeff Brazier left the competition last week, we are now down to the semi finals and have our final four. But who is going to be leaving this Sunday and who will be reaching the final?

Jeff Brazier and Sam Attwater was a shock bottom two last Sunday after both being favourites for the final. But after two impressive performances, they decided it was time for Jeff to leave the competition.

So we have Sam Attwater- once the highest on the leader board but over the last few weeks Chloe and Laura have overtaken him, both receiving a higher score than him. Sam has plenty of charisma and has showed off his talent from the beginning, being much stronger than the other celebrities and was an early favourite to win. He did have the controversity of a ‘fake’ relationship with ice partner Brianne, which I think is why he might of lost some popularity. I think he will be in the final, although being in the bottom two last week. But I don’t think he has a high chance of winning.

Chloe Madeley has been a surprise contestant, becoming more likable over the weeks and her ice-skating has improved rapidly. She received the highest votes last week and beat her other contestants, so is popular with the judges. She also hasn’t been in the bottom two and is the only one which hasn’t. She seems like a nice girl, although seeming a bit uptight in the first few weeks. I do think that her biggest competition is Laura but I think she does have a good chance of winning with her impressive skating. I think she will make the final.

Laura Hamilton was a fairly unknown contestant at the start and therefore was in the bottom several times as the others were popular and well known before the show. But her bubbly personality has shone through and she has turned out to be a strong skater and puts on a good performance. She has received the highest votes several times, although last week was second on the leader board. I think Laura is a lovely girl and I would love to see her win but I’m not sure if she will do it. I do think she will make the final.

Johnson Beharry has done remarkably well considering everything he has been through and I think that he has improved well over the time he has been in the show. Although he has often been in the latter of the leader board, he has only been in the bottom once. I do think that he will have a tough job getting into the finals though, with the others having stronger ice-skating skills, but the public like him and he might be a dark horse and win

So I think it will be Laura, Chloe and Sam making the final and Johnson going home this week, watch Sunday to see what happens

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