Why Adam Lambert deserves radio plays in the UK

We’ve had a massive amount of support for our campaign to get Adam Lambert into the singles chart, and I hope loads of our UK readers are out there buying the single to help the campaign. You are, aren’t you?

I wanted to take a minute to explain why we started this campaign and also to say why we think the national radio stations should reverse their policy not to play Adam’s single, Whataya Want From Me.

Firstly though – and you should probably sit down for this – I am not a die-hard Adam Lambert fan. I don’t spend my days worshipping at the altar of his guyliner and palpitating with every soundbyte I see on the web about him. I’m just not that kind of guy.

Bet you’re glad you sat down for that!

The reason I’m getting behind this campaign is simple: I think Adam Lambert has the potential to be an amazing artist. I watched in awe as he stole the show on American Idol, outperforming possibly every contestant who’d been on the show in the previous five years. I lost touch with him until he returned to the Idol stage last year as a mentor for the contestants. He was humble, helpful and not remotely a diva.

Here’s the thing though: in a world of mediocre reality TV stars, Adam really shook up the American Idol world. He took his performances seriously and went to great lengths to be entertaining and to give a unique interpretation of the song every single time. Visually, he was striking, memorable. Musically, he was inventive, melodic, talented at creating new arrangements of classic songs. On stage, he held a commanding presence. For the first time in years, here was a reality TV star who had the talent and passion to succeed.

Of course, he didn’t win. America chose the blandest winner in some little guy they’ve already forgotten about. No offence to the little guy, by the way. But the impact of Lambert had on Idol was powerful. This year, they brought in older, more accomplished and confident singers, and the gap between those singers and their teenaged counterparts was quite scary. That happened because of Adam Lambert.

Which brings me to Whataya Want From Me. A song so good, it was originally demoed by Pink. Yes, Pink. And I hear from one of our readers that she’s been performing the song on her world tour.

I can see why Lambert fans (or Glamberts or whatever they call themselves) are so upset that national radio aren’t playing this on heavy rotation. It encapsulates everything that’s brilliant about Adam as an artist. The vocals are stunning. It’s emotional, impassioned and uplifting. I could take or leave the video to be honest, but I’ve listened to the song itself on repeat over and over again. If you’re not screaming Whataya Want From Me at the top of your lungs after a few listens, then check your pulse. That’s all I’m saying.

A quick word about Reality TV

Here’s a thing for you – another shocker, so sit down again if you’ve recovered from the last one – most reality TV singers are utter shite. No, really. Just sniff the smelling salts, you’ll get over it.

Watch your X Factors and your American Idols, and you’ll see what I mean. There’s never the level of confidence or showmanship (or showwomanship) or dare I say, tunefulness, in our reality TV songbirds. But what do you expect when the talent pool is drawn from the mentally unstable, local geriatrics and your sister’s tone deaf mate Sharon who fancies herself as the next Alexandra Burke?

For my money, Adam Lambert deserves the support of radio, because he kind of proves that there are talented singers out there who can benefit from the exposure of Idol or X Factor. Haven’t we been complaining for years about the generic pop puppets that come off those shows? Well, for once, here’s a guy who has his own vision, a great voice and the ability to rearrange and reinterpret songs in a way we’ve not seen on reality TV.

Surely he deserves a chance on that basis?

Let me sum it up for you: we’ve got a young pop/rock singer who’s got the creativity and talent and presence to be a huge star. He’s come from a reality TV background, proving that those shows aren’t totally worthless. And he’s got a fantastic single that could be a massive hit, if UK radio would get behind the song and expose it to more listeners.

And let me remind you once again – I’m not a die hard Lambert fan, but he’s got my support and respect for being a highly talented individual. I’d hate to see our radio stations killing off his career in favour of less important acts.

Don’t forget: You can support this campaign by going out and buying the latest Adam Lambert single from iTunes, Amazon UK or HMV. Help out more by tweeting to UK radio personalities and journalists to make them aware of the campaign and the fact that Adam isn’t achieving the airplay her deserves!

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  1. magsmagenta

    So many thanks to you for this, I am a die hard Adam Lambert fan, but I am also NOT a reality talent show fan for all the reasons you have just given above. I’m not even a big fan of Pop music as my usual listening is Heavy Metal and Classic Rock, but Adam is the exception to every rule I’ve ever made for myself about music because of his sheer talent and ability to transcend genres, he is something totally new in the music industry and maybe that scares some people. He can and does sing anything from classical through Blues, disco, Rock and his own strange brand of self written pop. and truly deserves respect.


    1. Jo

      I never really watched American Idol, but I caught Adam in the auditions and he caught my eye, his style and his voice there was something about him.  I kept checking he was still in and when the live shows started I was hooked and from Ring of Fire had to make sure he was still in even before it aired over here.  I went on my hols and had to track down a webcafe just to make sure.

      I was gutted he did not win, but maybe it was for the best in the long run.  I am now a die hard fan, I buy everything I can, met him in Birmingham and he is such a geniunely nice guy, and his show in Heaven was probably the best I have seen, it was worth the standing around for.

      I cannot wait for him to bring his tour here, but I cannot understand why Radio 1&2 are ignoring him, when everywhere else WWFM has been such a hit.  Are they trying to say we are better than everyone else?

      I really hope your campaign has an impact.


  2. steelcitylambrit

    Couldn’t have put it better myself Gerard – terrific summing up! I don’t know how Simon Cowell could sit through last year’s x-factor after he’d found such an amazing talent as Adam on AI!

  3. Shout For Adam

    Thanks for the article. I too am frustrated over UK radio regarding Adam. I like all sorts of music, am an avid concert-goer and frivolously enjoy music reality talent competitions. Then I saw Adam Lambert in American Idol season 8. He looked like a star and when he sang I was blown away.  I felt I was witnessing the birth of a new star. My respect for him as an artist, my delight with his performances and my appreciation for his genuine and disarming nature increased as he progressed through Idol.  I live in the UK and watched his performances on the American Idol tour via YouTube and bought his CD.  I expected to hear him on the radio and for him to be welcomed here with the same enthusiasm as other countries. It didn’t happen so I travelled to the USA to see him on his Glam Nation Tour – the trip cost me a fortune but it was worth every penny. I shall never forget the experience. His voice is out of this world – better live than even on CD. His charisma and stage presence is powerful. His artistry is way beyond what you could possibly expect for someone who left American Idol little more than a year ago.  I have bought 3 copies of For Your Entertainment and also bought both versions of the Single “Whataya Want From Me”. This however is a drop in the ocean. Adam needs radio play to reach out to the UK. The UK needs Adam – they don’t know it yet because they don’t know Adam! I want to share my favourite artist with my country. Radio One, please put aside your discrimination over Adam coming from Simon Cowell related reality TV and let us all share in the excitement that this new artist is already bringing the rest of the world.

    1. Gerard McGarry

      I love your username! In fact, I think people should be using the #ShoutForAdam hashtag on Twitter!

      Just wanted to say that I don’t think Radio 1 are against Adam because of his association with Simon Cowell – otherwise, why would they be giving airtime to other artists like JLS, Alexandra Burke, Diana Vickers, etc?

      That said, WWFM is a brilliant pop/rock track – there’s simply no reason why it shouldn’t be on the radio playlists!

      1. Shout For Adam

        That’s a good idea to use that hashtag. Yes, they give airtime to JLS, Alexandra and Diana, but they are British artists coming off x-factor, a British program. The BBC have to give a minimum of 40% of airtime to British artists and they would look daft as JLS, Alexandra and Diana proved to be so popular in x-factor and on the tour. But anyway that was 2008 and in my view the BBC’s antipathy towards Cowell has increased since then – don’t forget that they backed (or at least showed pleasure in) the Rage Against the Machine campaign to stop Joe McElderry getting to No. 1 in last year’s X-factor.  With Adam, they can quietly ignore him, dismissing him as “yet another Cowell product” and who’s to know? Only a handful of people saw him on American Idol which aired only on digital tv. None of my family or friends watched it. I accept that this may not be the reason or the only reason and I have actually written to Fearne Cotton (who I am a long-term fan of), asking if she can explain the “Adam” situation to me. If I get a reply I will report back. Meanwhile, if you have any theories I would be interested. Btw, Adam has been ringing Capital Radio from the tour bus from time to time and they air the interviews and play WWFM, but it is not on their playlist either! If you have missed these interviews they are on Youtube.

  4. Katya

    The song has done pretty well in other countries so I’m not sure why there’s so much resistance. It’s like you get one shot and since his first single flopped they’ve slammed the door. Puts a lot of pressure on the label to pick the right song and obviously the label in this case made a big mistake. The situation is not the fault of the artist and it’s probably going to be an uphill battle now.

    1. Shout For Adam

      Don’t give up! Quality will shine through. Adam has promised the UK some dates later this year and he always delivers on his promises. So, if radio doesn’t help meanwhile, the tour will. There are avid Adam fans in the UK and the tour will gather many more. We will meanwhile spend more time on Youtube than we will listening to the radio! Shame on Radio!

  5. Judy

     Thank you Gerard for this fabulous article.A resounding YES to everything you’ve said. WWFM ,the song and the lyrics speak to everyone . It’s a meaningful and beautiful song presented by Adam with a voice that is perfection ! I hope everyone in the UK will jump on the bandwagon,Adam is magnificent in every sense of the word !

  6. Hoppers

    Dear Gerard – thank you SO much for such a heartfelt plea.  I had the incredible pleasure of hearing Adam perform live, and he is just so INSANELY talented.  One of the best shows I’ve ever been at, and I go to quite a few. I truly wish that more people could hear him and subsequently learn how tremendous he is.

  7. janicqu1

    “America chose the blandest winner in some little guy they’ve already forgotten about”

    Actually, Kris Allen’s first single just hit the 1.5 million mark last week here in the US, making it one of the top 10 singles from any idol finalist and it is also more successful than ANY of the songs Adam Lambert released (Adam’s first single was a total flop here).

    But lazers & autotune >>>> real instruments, right?  Carry on 🙂

    1. angie65

      janicqu1, kris allen can hang on to and celebrate his 1.5million single sale because that’s abt all he’s gonna get. 🙂 we aint gonna hear much from him, or probably we will when he opens at Adam’s concert.

    2. magsmagenta

      The reason FYE initially flopped on the US was the Hysterical panic over Adams AMA performance which resulted in the conservative owned radio stations refusing to play him, they were much more willing to play WWFM as it’s lyrics and message are much safer than FYE. 

      Kriss Allens first single was bound to do well as he was the AI Winner and recieved all the promotion due as such, that year is over now and they have a new Idol now, he’s on his own, and I wish him well as he’s a nice man and a good friend to Adam.

      There is nothing wrong with Lazers as part of a stage show, Muse use them as do many good acts.

      But most importantly Adam does not need Autotune unless it’s for special effects. he can sing anything live and often strips down songs from the Album such as Soaked: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uRWhrKsSSM8 

      I’ve noticed a few Americans in UK threads claiming that Adams Career in the US is dead in the water. This is totally untrue as his tour is one of the few over there which is regularly selling out and continues to book further dates. People are camping out overnight outside the venues to ensure good places inside. His latest single If I Had You is No2 on the VH1 Chart. If that’s dead in the water I’d like to know what a success looks like.

      1. janicqu1

        Your headline makes no sense, considering the fact that nothing you said negates my points.  Regardless of whatever excuse you have for Adam’s first single flopping majorly…it’s still a flop.  Just like his song from 2012 went nowhere and his latest single isn’t exactly burning up the charts either.

        But I agree with you that Adam has a nice little devoted cult fanbase.  I’m sure they’ll follow him to anay casino, so he’ll be fine for the while.

    3. kelsiegirl032


      Sorry but ur info is incorrect. FYE ws 1st single but because of AMA’s America gt uptight & single didn’t sell as well after a month or so. However album did & is consistantly selling well right now double the sales of KA album. WWFM is platinum in US & quad platinum in Canada & IIHY is gaining airplay & sales everyday. Adam’s US tour is sold out i min. IIHY video has been in Top 3 for three weeks. KA is opening for others. No comparison cn be made. I agree that UK stations shd be playing WWFM much more. I just need twitter names for largest radio stations in UK. If someone would tweet me at lovingadam I’ll gv u my email for the list. Thanks.

      1. janicqu1

        How does that make my facts incorrect?  Your excuses as to why the song FLOPPED do not negate the fact that it is a FLOP?


        FACT:  Kris has had a bigger hit single in the US than Adam ever has.

        FACT: Kris has gotten more airplay in the US than Adam has.

        Hate to say you’re gonna have to deal with it but….you’re gonna have to deal with it.

  8. ConfusedofHampshire

    Although I never expected Adam Lambert to become an instant hit in the UK, I have been confused at the reluctance of Radio 1 and 2 to play him, particularly as commercial and regional radio stations have been very taken with him.  Whatever people may say about their declining influence, Radio 1 and 2 still have the power to make or break stars, whereas commercial and regional don’t (with possibly one or 2 exceptions).

    At the risk of sounding corny, and to quote the man himself, Adam made me “want to listen to music again”, after decades of being bored by the music industry.  There are a lot of pop ‘stars’ around, but very few can actually sing and even fewer understand about truly performing their music.   

    As for being stars, most seem to have forgotten what the word means, and merely equate it with fame. Fame doesn’t make you a true star. Almost everyone who has been in the same room as Adam Lambert has been overwhelmed by his presence and the incredibly bright energy he radiates without even moving a muscle.  

    Adam truly deserves exposure in the UK and the UK music scene needs him, so thank you UnrealityShout for doing this.  

  9. Lulu

    Hey again!


    I gotta say, I AM a reality TV fan…but have never ever ever ever ever seen anyone like Adam before on any show ever. The effect Adam has had on my life is huge and he is very important to me. He got me out of a dark patch with his positive energy and his beautiful voice and, as I am a massive Glambert myself, I have to say he’s been treated unfairly in the UK in terms of radio play.

    Also, I am NOT a Kris hater…I like him. But I’m behind Adam. I got his back. Adam’s my hero.

    I bought copies of WWFM as well as being gifted them.

    I hope this campaign has a positive effect <3


  10. Lishie

    Brilliant article! Thank you for this and for the campaign which I am fully supporting. It just goes to show that you don’t have to be a ‘die hard’ fan to recognise and appreciate Adam’s amazing talent and if he doesn’t get the support from Uk national radio the British public are gonna risk missing out on this amazing artist! I nearly did miss out because I’m not a regular watcher of AI and it was a relative who told me about this brilliant singer on the show, so I tuned in just for him out of curiosity and was instantly captivated by his incredible voice and charisma!

    And being lucky enough to have attended Adam’s HMV gig at Heaven I can honestly say he’s the most amazing live performer I’ve ever seen in my life!

    Thanks again 🙂


  11. glamfan

    What a well written and accurate article and thank you so much for helping Adam’s UK fans try and get airplay for him.

    I am one of those who watches shows like Idol and X Factor, mainly because there is so much rubbish on radio these days, I am hoping they will find someone who will inspire me to listen to music again – and finally they did – in the form of Adam Lambert for all the reasons you mention in your article.  I love his voice, the notes he reaches and his vocal ability are unmatched by most in the music business at the moment but more importantly – for me – is that he doesn’t just sing the songs, he “performs” them and that makes him stand out from even those few singers with good voices.  On top of all that, he is a really nice, genuine person too.  His fans have a habit of buying him gifts – as I expect a lot of other artists get too – only Adam asked his fans to donate money to charity instead and in the first few weeks of his tour raised over $15,000 for charity.  

    It is not just a cliche, but he has really got me listening to music again.  His FYE album is the first I have bought since the days of Queen that I can honestly say I love every single track.  During a really bad year, his music, personality and charisma have really helped me through.  I really hope that when he is properly established in his own right, he gets to sing with Queen, no other singer on the planet will suffice to sing a Freddie song, many have tried and all have failed.

    Adam will be around for a very long time but it is a shame that it looks like BBC Radio will be the last to “discover” him.  I can’t wait to see him live when he comes over here and hear that amazing voice live 😉

  12. LambertsLabelle

    thank you for this great article and your suport.I dont have to sit down because you re not a hard-to-die-Lambert-fan!I admire that you see his talent,his extraordinarity and his wonderful personality.I just whished more people would be as fair as you.(in special these ones who claim to HATE him..what I think,is absurd,how can I possibly hate somebody I never met and probertly never will meet in my life?I can dislike an artist and just not care about him,so I dont listen and change the channel.There are tonns of music out there for any taste!)

    To be obsessed-thats our job..lol..and we do a pretty good one!

    I would like to know the reasons of the radiostations WHY this really fantastic song gets cut off.I heard some quite lame excuses until now,nothing what makes sense.

    Radiostations should try to complace the client,which is the listener.They shouldn t ignore their requests.I cant say “its their loss..” ,its also the fans loss.

    The song went gold today in denmark -for the records..

    So-thank you so much to stand up for a young,incredible talented artist!!

    By the way..the “some little guy ” s name is Kris Allen.He s Adam s friend,a great guy  and its not his fault that he won the title.Nobody was more  shocked than he himself..so..please dont pick on him.Its not necesary cause it doesnt make your wonderful article stronger and he and his fans will be hurt by reading these comments (you re not the only one..)..:)

    I bothered to create an acount so I could post this comment..I really like the campain and your article!

    best greetings from Peru!!


  13. jazzzygirl40

    Thank you so much for this article on Adam. Adam is truly one of the most amazing singers that has come along in a very long time. Adam posses everything that a true performer should, from his amazing stage presence to the unbelievable control of his voice, he is truly one of a kind. I had the pleasure of seeing his live show this month and even the usher who had never heard of him was blown away by his voice. I support this campaign 100% as Adam is a true performer and a very humble person who deserves airplay everywhere.



  14. Miss Kay

    Just need to put out the correct facts out on FYE single in the US. I am not certain that FYE would even have been a success there BUT it was never promoted as the lead album single in the US and was declining in airplay BEFORE the AMA performance.

    RCA released two singles from Adam’s album in the US about 3 weeks apart. WWFM was released to radio almost a week BEFORE the AMAs and that was the song the US Program Directors wanted to play AND that was the single promoted by RCA. And in the US most songs need promotional support from the label or they are not played.



    1. janicqu1

      ” WWFM was released to radio almost a week BEFORE the AMAs”

      Oh really? I wish I had known that before I responded to the people above.  So I guess the AMA’s can’t be blamed for FYE flopping since the label clearly new it was flopping before that.

      “And in the US most songs need promotional support from the label or they are not played.”

      Songs also don’t get played if listeners and PD’s don’t respond well to them.


      1. magsmagenta

        If you don’t like Adam why do you care enough to keep coming back here? Go and do something constructive and support Kris before he disappears back into obscurity because people like you can’t stand the fact that Adam is doing better worldwide, and waste their time trying to upset his fans.

        This is the last time I’m going to reply to you.

        1. janicqu1

          Because usually when people are addressed they respond? And yes, that’s definitely a logical reason as to why he would “dissapear”.  Because you always hear about artists who’s careers fail because one of their fans defended them on a message board -___-  A+ logic there.

          Anyhoo, stay mad about the fact that US radio prefers Kris’s music.  Peace!

    2. kelsiegirl032

      Are you sure about that? FYE album was released right before AMA’s but WWFM was not released until after FYE single was. So this can’t be right. However FYE single I think wasn’t released right away but after the AMA’s. I may be incorrect on FYE single. I don’t understand why UK especially GB isn’t playing WWFM more but remember when it was released in US it took months before some radio stations play it at all. So maybe we need to gently prod the radio stations in the UK not petition them. Let’s wait a bit. There are many fans in the UK who are patiently waiting for intl tour & then WWFM will be huge. It’s a worldwide hit right now.


  15. fi

    I think it is interesting Gerald that you are showing you don’t have to be a rabid-fan to appreciate Adam Lambert’s talent and the undoubted saleability of Whataya Want From Me. You have absolutely captured that Adam stood out on American Idol, from the early stages, because he was delivering a performance when other contestants were just singing a song. Simon Cowell wants to revamp X-factor to bring some of this element to the show.

    I am angered by Radio 1 and 2’s attitude because if Pink had released this song herself they would be falling over themselves to play it because it is a great song. What’s more, it’s a great version of a great song. 

  16. milkofparadise

    Thanks very much for your efforts on Adam Lambert’s behalf.  If anyone in today’s music business deserves to be heard, it’s this brilliant, charismatic performer.  He’s had a tough time being played here in the U.S., but the last few weeks have seen a big improvement.  I hope he receives the worldwide success he so obviously deserves.  Thanks again.

  17. kelsiegirl032


    I for one in US has been trying hard to access UK radio station sites including tweeting using their text #s. But none will accept my subscriptions or requests for WWFM saying each time that I’m in the US therefore I must request the song here & refer me to itunes US. Whatelse can US fans do to help Adam in the UK? It’s very frustrating sometimes.


    1. magsmagenta

      Radio 2 will occasionaly accept overseas requests if you are an ex-pat who listens online, and say how much they help with homesickness and stuff like that, or you’ve been on a recent holiday to the UK and loved the station ect, otherwise UK stations are not much interested in overseas requests, but you can help by pointing out how influential he has become musically and especially socially in the US. Also your moral support is greatly valued 🙂

  18. kisskinski

    janicqu1.  Adam’s fans have always said after AT&T fixed the votes in the American Idol finale that the proof of who the real winner is would show when they entered the real world.  The only thing Kris can claim is the Itunes download of his first single, but on every other front worldwide, it’s Adam that people want.  His concerts sell out in minutes, he’s hitting platinum sales in several countries, he’s touring the world, still getting cover’s of magazines, and numerous articles written about him.  Even Simon Cowell finally came out, and said that Adam should have won AI.  I’m sorry for Kris as he is very likable, but not even close to the superstar, and raw pure talent that Adam is.  Now why don’t you be a good little Allen fan, and go support him on articles that are about him.  Oh that’s right, they are few, and far between…………………

  19. Judy

    Here’s the reason why Adam deserves radio play in the UK and everywhere else for that matter ! I was fortunate enough to see him at Foxwoods last month,this is the video of WWFM & Soaked, put on your headphones,crank it up &  just listen to the incredible live vocals,they will blow you away ! We were rendered speechless,as long as I live I’ll never forget the sound of his voice that night ! I rest my case LOL !



  20. kisskinski

    Actually not bitter at all considering how everything’s working out.  It’s great to see Adam’s star rise worldwide.  I just feel sorry for you that you have to troll Adam articles to find any mention of Kris.  I wish Adam only had Kris’s fan base, at least then it would be so much easier to get tickets for his concerts.

    1. Gerard McGarry

      Guys can we tone down the flame war a little? One of you is an Adam fan, the other a Kris fan. It’s OK to co-exist.

      I’ll say here that I’d adopt a ‘wait and see’ attitude to Kris’s long term career. The first couple of years after winning the show are one thing, but it’s hard to capture and keep the public’s attention after that.

      And to balance that with the Adam Lambert fan frenzy – you can have the most vocal fans in the world (and he does), but unless that translates into record sales, his contract isn’t guaranteed.

      1. fi

        Thanks for trying to keep the peace here, Gerard 🙂

        I think anyone who looks hard enough can usually find a statistic to support their point of view – whose single or album has sold most so far, or sold most in a week/month, or charted highest, or sold most worldwide, or who has sold the most singles/albums altogether…. Adam definitely seems able to promote and celebrate other artists’ work – a lesson to us all.

  21. Miss Kay

    I really don’t understand how a song can be so big around the world and not even get a shot on Radio 1. Now we can add Denmark to the countries where “Whataya Want From Me” has been certified Gold. Here is an incomplete list of chart positions….

    Australian Singles Chart 4 Platinum 17 weeks on chart
    Argentina Singles Chart 5
    Austrian Singles Chart 4
    Belgian Tip Chart (Flanders) #2
    Bulgaria Top 40 #6
    Canadian Hot 100 #3 2X Platinum
    Czech Republic Top 100 # 6
    Danish Singles Chart #12 Gold
    Dutch Top 40 #7
    European Hot 100 #21
    Finnish Singles Chart #2

    German Singles Chart 5  #1 airplay
    Hungarian Airplay Chart # 8
    #1 Hot 100 Airplay (Billboard) #2 Hot 100 (Billboard)
    New Zealand Singles Chart #4 Gold
    Norway Singles Top 20 #18
    Polish Airplay Chart #1
    Russian Top Hits #10
    Singapore #1 on 5 radio station playlists,
    Slovenia Top 20 #1
    Swedish Singles Chart #8
    Swiss Singles Top 75 #6
    South Africa Airplay Charts #1
    Ukraine Top 40 Music Chart #8

    U.S. Billboard Hot 100 #10 – 30 weeks on the chart! Platinum
    #1 Hot Dance/Electronic Singles Sales (two weeks)
    #1 Hit Singles Sales
    #2 Adult Pop Songs
    #8 Digital Sales
    #12 Pop Songs
    #10 Adult Contemporary
    #18 Radio Songs

    Plus, it has been a #1 radio song all over Asia.

    Gerald, I understand that getting on the Radio 1 playlist is really competitive. But why won’t Radio 1 play it on the evening shows that are not confined to the playlist?

    Thanks for any explanation you can provide.


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