Why are there so many vicious comments from people about John and Edward

Im from the states..and I never even heard of x-factor til AOL put the britney performance of Jphn and Edward in its headline…now that i have and I TOTALLY GET THEIR sense of humor…I like them alot…maybe not to win but to stay til the end…
Let me ask all these people who keep bashing them this question..
When you go to a concert ..why do you go?
The answer because you want to be entertained…it doesnt matter if they have a voice like pavoratzi or not u go to be entertained..
and for all those people who want them out will the show be bterr or worse when they are out..i say BORING…. why watch it at all until the final 2 . when they are gone…
these kids are young .. nice.. and just having fun yet i read too many bad things for no reason about them ..what have they done thats so annoying? I went and watched all their video diaries and interviews to find out why  so many people were putting them down and every thing I saw showed me these were 2 fun  loving kids who were very humorous and nice..they made me laugh..and I THINK YOU people should LIGHHTEN up or get a sense of humor
I dont get it

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  1. Gerard McGarry

    Hi there – I think the reason people are so negative toward John and Edward is that they see X Factor as a proper talent competition. The prize is a recording contract, after all.

    Yes, I can see that they’re entertaining. That doesn’t mean they should be recording artists. A similar act was on X Factor a couple of years ago – Same Difference. They did the wacky, kid-centered songs and wore bright colours and elaborate staging of the songs. Nobody bought their album. They got dropped.

    Let’s learn our lesson. The twins will pull in a fortune in phone votes, and make a fortune for the bigwigs behind X Factor. But they won’t win. And even if they did, they’d fail. The public won’t buy their records. Trust me on that.

    Which brings me to the reason why people get so irate about John and Edward – their presence will ultimately knock out some of the good acts from the competition. Young blokes are at an advantage because teenagers vote on looks, not talent. Ultimately though, those same teenagers who disrupt the vote will never actually buy the music these kids release. Sad but true.

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