Why Warehouse 13 is NOT a Waste of TV Space

I just posted this on my LJ: http://sunkrux.livejournal.com/539746.html if you’d like to read it in it’s original form. There are SPOILERS for Mild Mannered, S2ep2.

As most of my readers know, I am besotted with the SyFy show, Warehouse 13. The scifi thrilleromedy with a heart of gold. That’s right I just called it “The scifi thrilleromedy with a heart of gold.” From Day one this show has firmly had it’s tongue planted in it’s cheek. It’s light-hearted, good family fun. The season premiere last week was awesome in that it wrapped up the whole MacPherson story (or did it?) but introduced a new baddie. The banter between Pete & Myka is fabulous as is the banter between Artie & Claudia. I love how this rag tag group of people are building their own little family. They bicker and fight, example, Claudia & Leena due to what MacPherson did to both of them. They tease and annoy each other but when the chips are down they got each others backs, even if they don’t always understand why they’re doing it.

Last season was awesome watching them build as characters and as a family. This season (yes it’s only 2 ep in) is continuing on that and making those bonds stronger. Case in point, tonight’s ep, Mild Mannered. Unbeknownst to me before the eps aired that it was a love letter to the fans/geeks of the world from my two favorite writers (they wrote Duped, S1ep8), Deric Hughes (@dblackanese on Twitter) & Benjamin Raab (@Wondermasons). Sure it was about….


SPOILERS!!! Look away now if you haven’t seen it.

Okay if you’re now reading this it means you’re taking responsibility for spoiling yourself.

So as I was saying, sure the eps was about a comic book hero, but in life we’ve all geeked out about something, a favorite actor/actress, tv show, play, movie, book, comic book. We all fangirl/boy over those things even if we get teased by our loved ones. Or some people don’t get it because they think being a fan of anything that intensely is some how wrong. I think they’re wrong. Anyway, back to the story. Pete & Myka start off taking a walk into town to pick up their mail. Nice nod to when the show airs weekly in that Tuesdays is mail day for the Warehouse apparently. 😀 Myka is all excited that her stuff is there while Pete is sad. Myka teases him a bit, then feels bad for it. Later, Leena & Pete peek in on her getting her stuff out. She’s dancing around her room with a couple of old friends, a love worn teddy bear and an equally love worn book. She’s happy. She feels like she’s home. Poor Pete doesn’t have his stuff yet.

Artie interrupts the family bonding time to send his two oldest kids off to save the day. The younger two stay home and fight (more on that later). Pete & Myka are off to Detroit to retrieve an artifact that is being used by a vigilante and people are getting hurt. We learn that Pete escaped into comic books after his dad died at the urging of his sister. Myka sorta teases him about being a comic book geek because she doesn’t get it to a point. They figure out who the “Iron Shadow” is and the fun starts…

Leena & Claudia are fighting because Claudia is being a douche about the whole MacPherson used Leena to make it appear that Claudia was the mole. I get the whole being upset thing but Claudia is simply wallowing in her anger at the potential loss of her family. She can’t see that Leena is in just as much pain over the same exact thing. They bicker and Leena finally tells Claudia how she’s feeling and that she too is angry because MacPherson used them all. He made them break the trust they’ve all built as a family and she’s upset because that almost cost her, her family as well. The light slowly turns on in Claudia.

Pete & Myka are trying to help Sheldon by trying to get him to give up the artifact but Sheldon is not ready to give it up. They call on wonderkin Claudia for help. She shows up in Detroit with a suit and some awesome gloves/gauntlets she made. Pete gets all excited because he gets to play SuperHero. That is until Claudia tells him what will happen to any man who wears the suit and uses the gloves. Myka gets to play SuperHero. And O M G does Joanne Kelly WORK that outfit. The music chosen for that scene was chosen by Eddie McClintock (Taxicab something or other by the KidneyThieves – awesome song btw). Anyway, sorry for the fangirlycrushing there. Back to the story. Myka has to use the gloves & suit to absorb all the power that the artifact is generating before it flattens Detroit. She then throws her arms in the air and releases the power. Before that happens, Pete pulls a belt off the guy. Nothing happens. Power is still building up. Myka goes in and absorbs more of the power and Pete has to pull the trunks off Sheldon to stop the artifact. That’s right, trunks. Sheldon was doing all that vigilante Iron Shadow stuff because he loves Loretta and wants to keep her safe. Myka is a little drained after using the suit so much but she’s good to go once it’s off. Sheldon & Loretta walk off into the “sunset” so to speak. Pete does his dorky fanboy thing. Myka teaches Claudia a lesson, forgiveness.

Once back at the Warehouse Myka & Pete are ‘snagging, bagging and tagging’ the artifacts and Pete is still trying to figure out what the O in Myka O. Bering stands for. He throws out O names until Myka finally gives it up. It’s Ophelia. She seems a little embarrassed to tell him and gets ready for the mocking. Pete, being Pete placates her by saying it’s beautiful (which it is and fitting). Then he zings her with “Can I Ophelia your boobs.” LOL He’s such a dork. He does his best Shakespearean speak as he’s teasing her more. She plays along and convinces him to go back to the B&B. He kinda mopes again about not having any of his stuff at there. Unbeknownst to him…Myka’s been up to something.

Claudia and Leena make up and make plans to meet back up at the B&B. Claudia heads out, Leena has one more thing to put away. Through out the eps (or ep as some people prefer, my world, my way. ;-b) she’s been having some funky reactions to something. She calls Mrs. F.

Then we see Myka & Pete standing in his doorway. She has his eyes covered. Artie, Claudia & Leena are in his room hiding something. Myka masterminded getting him a big screen TV and the missing edition of the Iron Shadow comic book he didn’t have. She knew it wasn’t the same as him having his stuff but that hopefully it would fill in until his stuff got there.

Artie, Leena & Claudia leave. Pete flops on his bed and immediately starts reading the comic. Myka joins him. She hesitantly asks him if it feels like home yet. He says no, better. They smile and end ep.

Oh side note least the Artie fans get upset with me. Artie is being visited by MacPherson’s ghost – although Artie denies it’s a ghost. Leena convinces him that maybe he’s still around because they have unfinished business. Artie goes to MacPherson’s preserved room and has a talk. MacPherson goes away…or does he?

AW. And that my dear friends and readers is why I think that Warehouse 13 is NEVER a waste of TV space. It has a heart of gold and that my friends is why it is breaking all kinds of records for SyFy. So all you naysayers and haters, BACK THE FUCK UP and deal. Also, watch more than ONE ep in the S2 season to pass judgment. It may not be the best written show but you know what, it is written with LOVE. I for one would much rather watch a show that some call poorly written (when really it’s not, it’s just different) then ANY CRAPPYASS “reality” show, ever. I got all teary eyed after the ep was over. They do love the fans. Really. And we love ’em right back!

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