Lenora Crichlow

Lenora Crichlow is a British actress, known for her roles in The Bill, Channel 4's Sugar Rush and more recently as Annie in the BBC Three series, Being Human.

Lenora Crichlow

Lenora as Annie in Being Human


Crichlow was born in Westminster in London in 1985. She has a sister, Amanda who is also an actress.

Crichlow's first film appearance was in August 2006 in the UK horror film, Wilderness. She has also appeared in the UK police drama series, The Bill.

Another notable role was her portrayal of Maria Sweet in Sugar Rush, an adaptation of a Julie Burchill novel of the same name.

Like her Being Human co-star Russell Tovey, Lenora has guest-starred in an episode of Doctor Who, in the 2007 episode Gridlock.

She was chosen for the role of Annie Sawyer for the first series of BBC Three's Being Human. The character (the ghost of a woman who was murdered in the flat) in the pilot was played by Andrea Riseborough. The series was ran from 25 January 2009 to 1 March 2009.

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