Moonlight (TV Series)

Moonlight is a fictional vampire/detective series, set in present-day Los Angeles. It was created by Ron Koslow and Trevor Munson and produced by Warner Bros. Television and Silver Pictures. The series premiered on 28th September 2007 on CBS, following Ghost Whisperer.

Initially, it was reported that Moonlight would return for a second series, however following the WGA writer's strike, CBS declared that the show was cancelled. Although Warner Bros. looked to other channels to buy the show, they eventually announced the permanent cancellation of Moonlight on 23rd June 2008.


The story focuses on Mick St. John, a modern-day vampire who operates as a private detective. Mick is roughly 80 years old, having spent roughly 50 of those years as a vampire when his wife changed him into a vampire on their wedding night.

In the present day, Mick is alone and a reluctant blood-drinker, prefering to feed from blood donor packages rather than to take human life. He is a successful private investigator, which is where he meets Beth Turner, a report for online newpaper, Buzzwire. Un beknown to Beth, she and Mick share a history. She was kidnapped by his wife Coraline when she was a child, and it was only through Mick's intervention and slaying of his wife that she survived.

Mick and Beth form an alliance, investigating crimes and he confides his secret to her. The relationship has an underlying romantic tension, despite Beth's relationship with District Attorney Josh Lindsey.



List Of Episodes

  1. No Such Thing as Vampires
  2. Out Of The Past
  3. Dr. Feelgood
  4. Fever
  5. Arrested Development
  6. B.C.
  7. The Ringer
  8. 12:04 AM
  9. Fleur de Lis
  10. Sleeping Beauty
  11. Love Lasts Forever
  12. The Mortal Cure
  13. Fated To Pretend
  14. Click
  15. What's Left Behind
  16. Sonata


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