Sneeze (Smallville episode - S06E02)

"Sneeze" is the second episode in the sixth series of Smallville. After escaping the Phantom Zone, Clarke is working throughout the night to help repair the damage done by General Zod to Metropolis. However, it becomes clear that he's run-down and suffering flu-like symptoms. Martha surmises that he may have become infected while he was vulnerable in the Phantom Zone.

In the barn, Clarke inadvertently sneezes for the first time ever. He blows the barn door off its hinges and across the fields where it almost collides with Lois. She runs to the Kent farm to tell them what happened, only to discover that it was the Kents' door which almost hit her. She decides to try and investigate the strange occurrence.

Lana decides to move in with Lex at his mansion, although Lex becomes wary when he notices a car following them. He hires a private investigator to find out who's tailing him. While he's out, Lana discovers that Lex has hidden survailance cameras, including in her room. Meanwhile, Lex confronts Lionel about the tail, but Lionel denies any involvement. On the way out of Lionel's office, Lex is abducted.

He's taken to a warehouse where the kidnapper, Orlando Block , shoots him in the arm during an interrogation. Lex tells him about being possessed by an alien being, but is not believed by his captors. In order to protect himself, he tells them that his powers came from a special serum stored on the 33rd floor of the Lexcorp building.

Clarke visits Chloe at the Daily Planet where he accidentally demonstrates the power of his sneezes. He returns home to rest, but Lionel arrives and says he thinks Lex has been abducted. He asks Clarke to help look for Lex on the basis that if Lex was tortured enough he might reveal information that would compromise Clarke.

Lionel next visits Oliver Queen, and after initially making small talk with him, accuses Queen of having some involvement in Lex's kidnapping. Queen denies this, but Lionel threatens him with dire consequences if he can link Queen to Lex's disappearance.

Clarke calls with Chloe at the Planet again and she insists on coming to help him track down the private detective who Lex hired. TGhey arrive at the office and Clarke uses his X-Ray vision to discover a secret room behind a steel wall. In his weakened state, he can't tear open the wall. Chloe encourages him to try sneezing, but he tells her it's not something he can do on demand. She insists that his lung capacity must be amazing. He takes a deep breath and blows the wall open. After a short search, they discover the location of the warehouse where Lex is being held.

In the meantime, Lana has also tracked down Lex and tries to call Chloe from outside. Unfortunately, she is discovered by Orlando Block and taken inside at gunpoint. Block initially decides to inject Lana with the serum, butis persuaded to inject Lex instead. As he leans over, Lex headbutts him and Lana attacks the other captor. Lex injects block with the serum, killing him, and the other captor escapes. However, a fire is started, and Lex and Lana are trapped in the building.

Clarke arrives, unseen to them, and blows out the fire with his newly discovered power. He then leaves silently so they have no idea how they were saved.

Back at the Luthor Mansion, Lana confronts Lex about the cameras, and he agrees to remove the one in her room but not the others. Lana agrees to stay on.

At the Kent farm, Clarke is feeling better and he and Chloe are about to go out. Lois visits briefly to show them that her story about the barn door got published, but admonishes them for trying to have a picnic in the rain. Clarke goes to the window and blows at the clouds, dispersing them and letting the sun through.

The episode concludes with the remaining captor reporting back to Oliver Queen. He confirms that Lex no longer has the powers bestowed by Zod, but reveals that another being was in the warehouse with comparable powers. Queen orders him to find this person.

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