Zod (Smallville episode - S06E01)

Zod is the season premiere episode for the sixth series of Smallville.

The episode opens with Clarke trapped in the Phantom Zone. Upon his arrival there, he is attacked by phantoms who manage to cut his face, showing that he is vulnerable in that place. He is rescued by a mysterious masked woman weilding a crystal with the "S" symbol on it.

Meanwhile, Metropolis is in the midst of riots. Lionel Luthor helps Chloe in escaping the violence and takes her into the Luthorcorp building. On top of the building, Lana is pleading with Lex to use his newfound powers to stop the destruction of Metropolis. However, it becomes clear that General Zod has taken control of Lex's body.Zod (in the form of Lex)flies off with Lana, witnessed by Lionel and Chloe.

Zod takes Lana prisoner and tells her that she is about to witness the rebirth of Krypton. She tries to escape, but the super-powered Zod easily outmanouvers her.

Martha Kent and Lois Lane are trapped in the wreckage of a plane. Lois is unconscious and injured. When she looks out the cockput window she discovers that they are outside the Fortress Of Solitude. She takes Lois there and Jor-El speaks to her. He reveals that by killing Brainiac, Clarke damaged the Fortress, releasing General Zod who then took over Lex's body. Jor-El instructs Martha to kill Zod's 'vessel', Lex.

Jor-El then sends Martha home after praising her raising of his son.

The mysterious stranger in the Phantom Zone is revealed to be Raya, one of Jor-El's assistants. Clarke tells her that he has to find a way to escape the zone and return to Earth. Raya agrees to help him.

Zod reveals more of his plan to recreate Krypton, with "the bloodline of Zod" as the ruler of his new empire. He asks Lana to provide him with an heir and when she refuses he nails her hand to a wooden panel with a metal bar.

Clarke and Raya are attacked in the Phantom Zone, but before one of the criminals kills Clarke, Raya claims she was bringing him to them and that he could help them all escape.

Lana meets with Lionel and Martha in the Kents' barn and agrees to kill Lex. Martha gives her the dagger that will accomplish the task. She returns to Luthor's mansion and agrees to provide Zod with an heir. Zod pre-empts her attempt to kill him and seizes the dagger, breaking it in his bare hands. He then sets in motion a series of changes to the Earth's crust.

At the Daily Planet, Chloe is taking refuge under a desk when Jimmy
Olsen appears.He reveals that he's now working at the Planet when an
earthquake rocks the building. Chloe saves Jimmy from being crushed bya
falling monitor.

Meanwhile, in the Phantom Zone, Raya double-crosses the criminals and opens a portal for Clarke to return home. However, she's stabbed before she can follow him and as he crosses through the portal, several other inhabitants of the Zone are pulled through as well.

Clarke returns in time to save Martha and Lionel from falling rubble in the barn, then sets off to find Zod, who is about to kill Lana. After a battle in which Clarke is beaten, Zod offers him a chance to survive by pledging his allegiance to Zod. Clarke pretends to go along with this, and as he takes Zod's hand he presses Raya's crystal into it. The crystal activates and sends Zod back to the Phantom Zone, leaving Lex's body unharmed.

Lex later appears at the hospital with no memory of what had happened, and she admits that she almost killed him in order to end the occupation of Zod.

Clarke talks to Martha afterward and tells her that the Fortress is dead and he can no longer talk to Jor-El. Lionel discovers he can write in Kryptonian and Lex finds the remains of the device Zod used to communicate with the satellites.

As the episode closes, one of the escaped Phantoms is shown flying over a waterfall and toward the camera, indicating that there may be more trouble from the Phantom Zone escapees.

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