WNi – Weird Naked Indian: The Garage Sessions

Weird Naked Indian!! WNi.

I just thought I’d share a new band in my area that i predict great things for. They are quite unusual in the fact that there are only 2 of them.. David on Acoustic Guitar and Vocals and then Conor on Drums. Dai is a family man in his 30’s whilst Conor is 19.

For the past months they’ve been recording in studios and gigging all across Cardiff, Swansea and London and have been recieved really well. They’ve recently set up a Youtube where they have posted up their ‘Garage Sessions’ and they are brilliant and they show their sense of humour through them as some of their concepts are great haha!

David is actually a fantastic song writer. At the moment i have a demo CD of 10 songs that they have recorded this last fortnight and the songs are nothing i wouldnt see in the charts. I am quite critical with music too and David’s voice is just amaizng on these studio versions. The myspace with some of these recorded songs is www.myspace.com/user/wnimusic

The Youtube videos are just snippets of their gigs which are amazing! The page is www.youtube.com/user/sanportabloboy

Here is one of their videos ..I Love it!!



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