Wonder Woman pilot gets greenlit by NBC – Speculation McG will direct

Wonder Woman

NBC have apparently done a u-turn on David E. Kelley’s Wonder Woman series. The five major networks had initially rejected the series when it was pitched to them, but it seems NBC have had a change of heart.

And TV Line’s Michael Ausiello confirms that the studio have their eyes on Charlie’s Angels director McG to direct the pilot. McG’s already got good form with launching TV shows – he was the guy behind the pilot episode of [[Chuck (TV Series)|Chuck]] a few years ago. 

That almost guarantees and action-packed, punchy episode. But I think the biggest challenges to the series being a hit will be in who they cast as Wonder Woman and how they decide to set the tone of the show. Getting a superhero drama right is an alchemical mix that a lot of shows in this genre struggle with. Both No Ordinary Family and The Cape are on the sharp end of criticism from fickle fans.

Naturally all eyes will now be on the leading lady. So let the speculation begin – who’s going to be Wonder Woman in this revival?

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