Word on the Blog’s Quick Review of Geordie Shore

Geordie Shore is 100% outrageous filthier than Jersey Shore. If I’m honest, that’s probably why I entertained the idea of watching the second episode.

So the last episode of Geordie Shore saw the set up, implement and the fail of Gary’s shore long plan to bed Charlotte. (Teehee) As charlotte was talking and I was reading the subtitles, I found myself screaming out loud “No Char, stay strong, avoid the sky remote endowed womaniser!” – Alas, by the looks of the “next time on Geordie Shore…” my words fall on deaf ears as she succumbs to his puny bodied ways.

Along with the Vicky and Vinny (Jay) on/off bickering, I am starting to warm to Sophie. I’d like to say it was the fact that her parents came round and brought food.  I think it’s a sign, if you are trying to find a way into my heart, food will suffice.

Unfortunately, the only girl that I really am taking a wild dislike to is Holly. She is 18 years old, not born and bred in Newcastle and her boobs are too big. Oh yes and she has a boyfriend too. You do not come to the shore with a boyfriend. Maybe it’s not the boyfriend thing; JWoww had a boyfriend in series 1 and 2 of JS. Ah, maybe it’s because she is the only one that I don’t need subtitles for. I almost like trying to figure out what they are trying to say to each other. I feel like I am watching one of my momma’s Brazilian TV programmes.

There are other members of the cast, but as of episode 2, I don’t feel the need to discuss them. They are somewhat boring at the moment, apart from cute-ish Greg who likes to get an abundance of numbers on tissues, wine and dine them-tell them they like them and how he’ll see them again even though he has no intention of doing so.

 As lame as that is, I will be tuning in on Monday to watch the 3rd episode. I think you should too.

Why? TV trash has never been so good, that’s why.


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