X Factor 2010: Aiden Grimshaw sings Diamonds Are Forever

Erm, what’s this? Aiden Grimshaw sings the Bond theme Diamonds Are Forever on tonight’s [[The X Factor 2010|X Factor]]. 

This performance is staged with a full band – not sure if they’re a real band or Friedman’s backing dancers. But Aiden – oh Aiden. His voice is very unsteady on this one. Out of key in places, and just not as self-assured as he seemed to be at the start. I fear he’s losing his confidence and backsliding.

Conversely, the audience loved it. As apparently did the judges. So was I wrong, or did you also think that Aiden’s performance was a little lacking tonight?

Judges’ Comments

  • Louis Walsh: I loved you week 1, I loved you week 2 and I love you week 3. You are the perfect popstar. And you sing a Shirley Bassey song, you make it contemporary, you tick every box. I think you’d be a brilliant recording artist.
  • Dannii Minogue: You are such a young guy. I was about to say the same thing – you are back in the race, feet firmly planted.
  • Cheryl Cole: Amazing song choice. Amazing delivery. What I would say is that you’re a very very intense performer. It’s really intense to watch you, which I really really love, but I’m not sure everybody would get it. What I think would’ve made that song a little more edgy. I don’t think I could watch on tour 22 songs with that level of intensity.
  • Simon Cowell: I’m going to disagree with everything Cheryl just said. You have bounced back what you were a week ago. This is exactly what you should be doing. This is true to you. You are back in the game.

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  1. Dara Hickey

    I thought he was the best performance of the night, actually :L A super intense performance that engaged me from stasrt to finish; I couldn’t take my eyes off him!

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