X Factor 2010: Aiden Grimshaw sings Lennon’s Jealous Guy

After last week’s storming version of Mad World, X Factor contestant Aiden Grimshaw takes on his musical hero, John Lennon. Singing Lennon’s jealous guy, Aiden’s styled brilliantly tonight – untucked shirt and quiffed hair. Almost as high as Jedward but without the rampant buffoonery.

Grimshaw’s voice is stunning. I’m aghast at the judges for knocking his confidence with their comments. I thought that vocally he was fine, even if his stance on the stage was quite inward, a little reminiscent of Matt Cardle. And I’m dead against anything Beatles, but I really enjoyed his John Lennon cover.

Judges’ Comments

  • Louis: Aiden, I loved your performance last week with Mad World. I didn’t think you could better it. Tonight you walked on that stage, I’m thinking “He is the perfect pop star.” Everything about you. You picked a really classic song. You are the next credible UK popstar.
  • Cheryl: You could be a credible artist, but that performance was shaky for me. I’m not gonna lie to you or patronise you. I think you know that yourself. I think you’ve got potential, but I’d like to see you do something more versatile.
  • Simon: I’m going to agree with Cheryl. You’re not an idiot. Your face said it all. There were too many times on that song where it just went out of control. Last week it was absolutely on the money. But your nerves got the better of you. I think you are potentially brilliant, but we’ve just got to find a song which you can control more.
  • Dannii: I have to say it was a very very good performance, but the look on your face, it seems like you didn’t enjoy it as much this week. I know you were nervous…and I know you can sing that song so easily.

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  1. Sophie Hall


    Great blog here that says of AIDEN:: 

    I have come to the conclusion that John Lennon (Who Aiden is covering) must have haunted the stage, because Aiden freaks the fuck out – and starts making a various array of noises. Sometimes he also sings the lyrics of Jealous Guy by John Lennon too. He looks absolutely terrified and now I’m terrified because he’s made it pretty clear that SOMEONE IS ABOUT TO DIE. He finishes, Dermot performs an exorcism. Dermot O learly performing an exorcism incedently goes something along the lines of this: “You alright buddy you’ll be alright buddy buddy, pal mate buddypal you’re alright?” Aiden mentions ‘that was a bit rubbish’. Are you joking Aiden? WE JUST MADE CONTACT WITH JESUS.


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