X Factor 2010: Belle Amie cover The Kinks, disappointingly

The Belle Amie girls are singing a Kinks song on tonight’s [[The X Factor 2010|X Factor]], You Really Got Me. It’s a great rock track, but are The Kinks really their musical heroes?

This one may just work. They’ve got rock motifs, dancers on big speakers. Sadly, Belle Amie just don’t have the energy or enthusiasm to pull this off. They’re too busy trying to pull girl group harmonies on a song which should really be about growling down the microphone. And they look awful too.

You’ll read in the judges comments below that everybody gave them gushing reviews. Sadly, I think this is another case of the judges trying to talk up an act that really haven’t been that good. Belle Amie have been poor two weeks running. Just like Cher Lloyd.

Judges’ Comments

  • Louis: Girls, so much better than last week. I love the fact that you’ve bonded and you look like the next big girl band. You remind me of a young Girls Aloud. Same type of styling, same type of vibe.
  • Dannii: I love that version that you did, but the styling didn’t work for me at all. Love the makeup but it’s such a directional thing. Love the dancing.
  • Cheryl: I really enjoyed it actually. It’s nice to see you do an upbeat song. In terms of who sings what, that’s what it’s about being in a group.
  • Simon: I want to thank every single person who voted for you last week. Based on the performance tonight, every vote was the right vote. You turned into a group, you came across as friends. That was fun, that was entertaining.

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