X Factor 2010: Belle Amie pretend to be Girls Aloud

Yeah, let’s not pretend this is the Pretenders’ version! It’s the Girls Aloud version of I’ll stand By You, as chosen by the girls after they told Simon that they’re going to look after their own creative decisions from now on, thank you very much. 

That’s [[The X Factor 2010|X Factor]] suicide. 

Technically, this is a pretty boring song. It kind of sends me to sleep. But the cool thing is, they don’t sound too far from the Girls Aloud version, so it’s actually a raging sucess. No, it’s not the most original song choice, especially considering a Girls Aloud member is a judge on this show, but the girls came across pretty well.

Judges’ Comments

  • Louis Walsh: Well, Belle Amie, I think you are potentially a really great girl band, but you’ve gotta problem, because you’re on your own in this competition. Simon’s putting all his energies in this competition into One Direction, and that’s not fair. And that’s why you picked that song. But what are you going to do? You’ve no mentor.
  • Dannii Minogue: Girls, the styling has improved. I still don’t think you’re quite there, but it’s improved a lot. I think that the song choice wasn’t surprising. It didn’t have that wow factor, but it was good. I think tonight is a tough night because a lot of songs could have got very cheesy with the guilty pleasures theme, but it’s actually a high standard and that’s why you’re finding it difficult.
  • Cheryl Cole: I have to say, you’ve got great taste in music. It’s very sentimental for me. I just wanted to be up there with you singing it.
  • Simon Cowell: Louis, why do you have to be so nasty and unpleasant and bitchy? It wasn’t the most original version in the world. But the important thing was, it showed you’re a group, you can make your own decisions, you’re all good singers. I think you’re great.

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