X Factor 2010: Belle Amie sing Venus on Halloween theme night

Belle Amie decided to channel another iconic girl group this week, singing Bananarama’s Venus. Except they bounce out of four coffins and miss their cues, sounding awful from the get-go. 

They’re styled brilliantly, and they recover from the early faux pas pretty well. Still, there’s something a bit dead about this girlband – I don’t care a lot about them, and their performances are something to be endured rather than looked forward to.

Is it just me folks, or are Belle Amie boring for you too?

Judges’ Comments

  • Louis Walsh: You’re getting your act together. The styling and the staging look absolutely great. We need a bit of girl power on X Factor and I think that’s you guys.
  • Dannii Minogue: Girls, it was fun but I think when you hear it back, the vocals…if you’d put as much effort into the vocals it would have come across really good.  
  • Cheryl Cole: You seemed more excited, which was refreshing. It was probably the most confident performance yet. But I would like to see you do something that isn’t girl band does girl band again.
  • Simon Cowell: I don’t think you got enough credit actually for what you just did. It was great fun. I loved the whole costumes, the whole creative, I loved the fact you actually aren’t taking yourselves too seriously. And I think, genuinely, that it was your best performance so far.

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