X Factor 2010: Cher Lloyd baffles with a Jay-Z mashup

Cher Lloyd has gained an extra part to her name this week in the tabloids. We’re officially calling her “Fragile” Cher Lloyd now. But she’s talking like she’s gonna come out fighting tonight. Let’s see if she does:

Cher’s song choice for [[The X Factor 2010|X Factor]] tonight is Jay-Z’s version of Hard Knock Life. I don’t get this girl. I’m not sure if her voice is tuneless in places or just extremely weak, but she isn’t carrying this off well. The staging’s a mess. I feel like we’re in Emperor’s New Clothes territory. If we slate this, are we being square and old and stuffy, or are we calling it right – misguided crap?

I love hip-hop and rap, but Cher’s swagger is misplaced overconfidence. She needs to work a lot harder to be at the right standard.

Judges’ Comments

  • Louis: Cher I thought you were taking a really big risk when I saw Jay-Z and Annie. You were right to take the risk. You’ve got great attitude and swagger. You’re like a mini Cheryl.
  • Dannii: I love every risk that you’ve taken before and it’s always paid off. Tonight, I wasn’t so sure about it, it didn’t really work for me.
  • Simon: I absolutely loved it. As far as I’m concerned Cher, you can sing the phonebook. Because like the group on before, I see the future here. I think you are exciting, you take risks, you’re interesting, you’re different. I pray to God you’re here next week.

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  1. justME

    I thought the xfactor was supposed to be a show for talent and not talent to be developed.. as it seems to have turned out to be..i think that the mentors should concentrate more on people who have worked for it, not the usual wannabes that are then frameworked into ‘their’ sound and planned all the way. i really do think that the show should be categorised as more a development stage/song school. and thats why i now find it incredibly boring… it reminds me of school/college etc,.or drama school.. and not a talent competition.i think the xfactor has lost it’s plot.  

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