X Factor 2010: Cheryl Cole confronts Wagner over press comments!

After Wagner Carrilho’s performance on tonight’s X Factor, Cheryl Cole shocked us all by launching a stinging attack on him for criticising her in the press during the week.

What was it all about? Well, it seems Wagner got cornered by a journalist during the week and asked what he thought about Cheryl. The comments actually seem quite innocent:

Cheryl has never spoken to me properly, but that’s OK. She’s just a girl from a council estate who got lucky when somebody gave her a job in showbusiness. But she is pretty, very, very pretty.

Cheryl decided that the best place to address these comments was on primetime Saturday night. And at first, it seemed that she was making quite a ballsy move, it quickly turned into a bit of uncontrolled Wagner bashing:

I don’t normally have anything constructive to say to you Wagner but I believe you made some comments this week about me being from a council estate, yes I’m very proud of my roots and I’m very lucky but don’t focus on anybody else and how lucky I am, just think about how lucky you are to be on that stage tonight.

To which the Brazillian sheepishly replied “Please don’t believe what the press say.”

Now, let’s skip over the fact that Cheryl’s comments had absolutely nothing to do with Wagner’s performance. There are professionalism issues to be considered there – did she have the right to raise this on the show?

What intrigues me is that Cheryl Cole regularly complains that the press make up stories about her all the time. In fact, she said as much when Piers Morgan interviewed her ‘exclusively’ this year. Wasn’t it a bit iffy that Cheryl chose to believe a tabloid story when she asks us NOT to believe all the stories that are written about her? And that she chose to attack Wagner on television rather than have that conversation off-camera?

Here’s what I think:

X Factor want Wagner out

It happens every year. The show recruits a cheesy, stupid act who has no discernable talent. They give them ‘hilarious’ elaborate stage sets and dance routines to mask the vocal limitations, and allow people to vote for the silliest acts. Because there are people out there who do that.

However, when the show gets past the halfway point, the judges start to go cold on the novelty acts. Why? Because they exist to get press attention and to draw votes from people who think that by voting for the ‘stupid’ act, they’re making a mockery of the show.

The fact is, the producers are happy to have Wagner in the show while there’s a good chance he’ll get voted out. But it’s dangerous for him to progress close to the end. He might end up in the final. And if he’s in the final, the people who are voting for him might redouble their efforts to make him win. And then he might win, and Simon Cowell might be stuck with an act who hasn’t a hope in hell of selling records. And we don’t mean like Leon Jackson either.

Now, I get all of the reasons behind having a novelty act in the first place, and I understand why it’s undesirable for that novelty act to remain in the competition when it reaches the later stages.

The problem is, when it gets to that point, the only way the show can remove that act is by manipulating the viewers to drop their support for the act. How does that happen? Well, you start to see a lot more negative stories about that person in the press. And the judges will start to give negative comments. Not all-out attacks, mind you. No, they’ll simply say that the joke’s starting to wear off. They’ll sew the seeds of doubt, and viewers will generally nod along. 

Part of me wants to pro-Wagner movement to succeed. It might make The X Factor think twice before throwing in such an awful act in future. 

What do you lot think – was Cheryl right to mention Wagner’s tabloid comments on the show, or did she expose herself as a hypocrite by believing a story in the press without checking her facts first?

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  1. Ageing tart

    Somehow I think the younger British viewer of television is not really bothered whether Wagner stays or goes. As long as they can roar and jeer and scream at whatever the programmers push down there throats in the name of television.

    The older viewer of television is concerned that we have to much reality tv on a Saturday night a Sunday night a Sunday morning and all those extra hours on itv2.

    I think Wagners comment has been taken as true because the man sees himself as a genuine contender to win and if he can have something familiar in his background with one of the judges on the panel, he might think this gives him added strength to his attempt to win in the show.

    I don’t think this was meant in a snooty way because lets face it, in todays age it does not pay to buy your own home. Research by various fiscal University studies departments indicates that it is more feasible to rent your home. The council rents out homes, the housing associations all rent out homes, some charities have homes to rent and lastly the private landlords all have homes to rent. So there is no shame in anyone coming from a council estate.

    A large proportion of film tv and music industry legends have all come from council estates, so lowly beginnings is not a drawback. The only drawbacks are mindset and circumstances.


    AGeing tart


  2. slaneyvalley

    I watched X-Factor last night, even though I have come to dislike, with a passion, the way the judges try to get one over on each other. When Simaon critised the stairs Cher sat on whilst singing, Cheryl was not very happy. Then One Direction came on and sang whilst standing on a platform. It was almost predictable that Cheryl was going to use the platform to get back at Simon – and that is exactly what happened. The X-Factor should be renamed ‘The Judges Show,’ it has become that much of a farce.

    Cheryl, above all people, should know that the media do twist things (remember her fight in a night club etc?) so to attack Wagner on live TV done her no favours in my book. I was, in fact, glad that Wagner had the opportunity to point out what he really said and how it was taken out of context. He made Cheryl look rather sheepish. Cheryl should have talked to Wagner back stage instead of using her role as a judge as a platform to garnish votes of her girls and not Wagner. But then we know Cheryl uses the X-factor as a platform to promote her album or single (we never see Danni doing this). I don’t vote in the X-factor but I would be certainly inclined to vote for Wagner just to spite Cheryl and I am sure there are pleanty out there thinking much the same. The judges and producers have made a right mess of X-factor this year by intorducing even sillier novelty acts but now, I believe, it has back fired on them.

  3. canadiangal

    It seems to me that this year the judges have gone off on some kind of weird tangent!  They seems to have totally lost the concept that this is a singing/talent contest.  Who really cares what the contestants are wearing or standing on or what the production is like?  These things are choices made by the mentors and production people and have little to do with contestants.  Are the contestants in tune and do they show a spark of originality (or life)??…..these are the questions they should be “pondering”. 

    I’m not a big fan of Ms. Cole after the “Gamu” debacle, but I can kind of understand her “going off” on Wagner after all the things that have happened to her this past year or so.  Like maybe she’s cracking a little under the pressure of not being the perfect darling of the press at the moment. 

    And seriously, who’s going to actually listen to a recording of Wagner while driving down the highway?    

  4. Ageing tart

    I have to agree with this.

    Furthermore, once the show is over will there be a cd worthy of listening to in the car or will it take a year to do.

    This year has been an absolute turn off.

    Out of curiosity though I voted in a poll the other week and was shocked to see the results from the strictly popularity pole. Anne Widdicome was at the top of the list by at least a difference of 3%. I suspect Wagner must be at the top of the wagbo list for the X factor which is why he is always through to the next round.

    How much longer this has to go, I don’t honestly know, but sadly I think it has gone on to long already.


    Ageing tart

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