X Factor 2010: Did Aiden Grimshaw’s Michael Jackson song thrill you?

You couldn’t miss the comments from the judges tonight – they’re bigging up Thriller as one of the biggest Halloween songs of all time. And maybe they’re right.

Aiden Grimshaw starts his performance in a downbeat, glum manner. The stage is filled out with mannequins. The whole performance continues in this depressive, gloomy vein with a slight lift toward the end.

You know the way the judges on this show sometimes say “You could sing anything”? Well, Aiden can sing anything, only it’s in exactly the same style every week. I was excite when Aiden did Mad World a few weeks back, but the problem is every song now sounds exactly the same. 

Judges’ Comments

  • Louis Walsh: Aiden, that was a big big challenge. You totally changed the song. It was a very intense performance, but I note you’re a very intense performer. I think you are a genuine real music artist.
  • Dannii Minogue: Aiden, Halloween is here. You stuck to the theme and did everything that was asked of you. I don’t think people give you enough credit. 18 years old! 
  • Cheryl Cole: It was a really brave thing to take such an iconic song that everybody associates with Halloween. I can’t work out in my mind if it was really right or really wrong. I don’t think every song that you do requires that amount of intensity. I’d like to see you smile.
  • Simon Cowell: It was bizarre. The whole routine, you with 25 dummies on stage. I know what it’s like working with dummies. My feeling is, it needed to pick up tempo much sooner. I think it was indulgent and though a lot of people might like it, it was too much to to the left. It’s frustrating, because it could’ve been fantastic, but it was too slow, too long.

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  1. londongirl2001

    There was a lot of build-up in that version that didn’t really go anywhere but I still liked it.  I didn’t know an 18 year old boy can be such an intense performer.  I like Aiden and his voice.  Sometimes it’s a bit uncomfortable watching him but I’m rooting for him to stay in the competition a little bit longer.  He’s one of Dannii’s acts so he won’t win but still:  Go Aiden!

  2. londongirl2001

    I’ll admit to having a bit of a soft spot for Aiden. I like his weirdness and strange intensity on stage.  But yeah I’d also wish it’d translate to more on-key-singing during the live performances.  I fear that if he doesn’t get his act together, he’ll be gone before people like Wagner or Katie (shudder).

    Isn’t it funny that Aiden is only a little bit older than the 1Direction boys?  I’m so glad he didn’t get swallowed up in there.

  3. Groucho

    I can see how people (girls) might be attracted to his looks, cheeky grin and clean cut image but his singing is pants… 

    OK he is nervous but it is a singing competition and he not good enough…


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