X Factor 2010: Diva Fever go disco with a Boney M song

We love Diva Fever here on Unreality Shout. Tonight the campest act on [[The X Factor 2010|X Factor]] take the stage in all-white Miami Vice style clothes.

We have no idea what the song is, but it was everything that’s great about this act – hilarious, camp, fun and catchy. (We discover it’s Boney M’s Gotta Go Home mixed with that Barbra Striesand track). Finally a performance where we can accept Friedman’s interference. The guys in just their pants are maybe a bit much for my sensibilities, but it’s a great excuse to question Simon’s performance concept. Until he blames it on “Miss Friedman”. Brilliant!

Judges’ Comments

  • Louis: What can I say? You always put a smile on everybody’s face! It was like a big disco in Blackpool and everybody having a good time. I like ye an awful lot.
  • Dannii: Adding to what I said last week, that song is on my Christmas Party playlist. I just like you guys. I look forward to what you’re going to say when we’re watching the videos of you. I like you, I like your performance.
  • Cheryl: You seem like you’re having the time of your lives up there the both of you, and that’s when we enjoy ourselves. I know Brian gets to let loose on this number…
  • Simon: This week we had to make a decision to try and find a song which would be the kind of record you would make as a recording artist. That is exactly the kind of record that you would have a hit with. I actually think that record will be a #1 on Sunday.

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  1. Groucho

    To be perfectly frank, I don’t think they sing that well together… In their audition I got the impression that their singing was pretty uncoordinated and their voices didn’t complement each other… Their partnership as a duo appeared to be pretty last minute and more for moral support rather for than anything musical…

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