X Factor 2010: Five contestants who deserve to leave this week!

You’ve probably noticed that X Factor this year is a three-horse race – we’re not predicting for certain, but I’d say that One Direction, Matt Cardle and Rebecca Ferguson are highly likely to be fighting for the right to sing mass-produced pop songs for up to three years!

With that statement out of the way, there are five acts that deserve to be packing their bags and hailing a taxi home this week. Let’s take a look:

  • Paije Richardson – Easily the most forgettable of the bunch, Paije hasn’t really made any kind of impact on the show or the judges. He’s the one you accidentally leave out when making lists of contestants and we find ourselves impatiently waiting for his performances to be over. Not saying that he’s not a good singer, but we’d say that he’s not exactly Dannii Minogue’s priority when she has Mr Cardle to win the competition for her. 
  • Mary Byrne – Oh, Mary! Where did it all go wrong? Brilliant audition pieces, powerful vocals and an imposing stage presence have all receded to a cruise ship/karaoke version of your former self. The last three weeks have been Mary at rock bottom, and I think to be honest she’s not fighting to win anymore.
  • Wagner Carrilho – What can we say about Wagner? X Factor will have its little jokes on the public, and Wagner is the joke of this year’s competition. Make that laughing stock. Testament to this show’s ability to make a man completely humiliate himself on stage and call it entertainment. He’s only being kept in by the dark, secret societies who want the worst singer to win, but here’s what I had to say about that in an article for Unreality TV.
  • Aiden Grimshaw – Here’s an Aiden Grimshaw performance: standing stock still behind a mic stand, staring broodily at the camera while singing like he’s angry with the audience. Every performance is predictable. And he’s the only singer in history to have sung Thriller like a zombie instead of dancing like one. Utterly one-dimensional. The horny girlies who are voting for him aren’t remotely likely to buy an album of his tedious, ‘intense’ cover versions.
  • Katie Waissel – How can someone so media savvy be so completely stupid? Waissel wasted her opportunities with amateur dramatics and an incredible fakeness that beggars belief. She’s been so busy trying (and failing) to manipulate the audience that she forgot about the singing. We wanted to believe she could win us over after all that, but now we’re bored. Time to go, Katie Waster.

Making it up to a dirty half-dozen, though, let’s add Cher Lloyd. Swiping all the tabloid nonsense that’s written about her to one side, Cher’s definitely trying. The problem with Cher – and you won’t hear anybody on X Factor ever say this – is that her voice simply isn’t good.

We like what she’s trying to do, and at least it’s edgy and different and contemporary, but she isn’t the sing-rapper to take this kind of music to the UK public. However, given that she stand out from the crowd a bit, we’d be happy to see Cher last another few weeks.

But over to you – are we right about the final three this year, or are any of the above contestants serious contenders to win X Factor?

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  1. yum mum

    it could be between katie and paije this week,

    paije to go probably – i like paije but he was very forgettable this week – very poor song choice, and even the pink jacket and the ‘im an extra in harry potter’ didnt stand out enough. a real shame  because he’s a great singer, he just hasnt been showcased enough .

    i really think they were somehow ‘keeping him in’ purposefully until the harry potter story could make some appearance, but now thats all done and dusted, what is there to publicise.

    he was also ‘given’ the dreaded  1st spot




    1. Gerard McGarry

      In a way, it has to be Katie, doesn’t it? It’s the poetic justice we need for seeing Treyc’s career cut short,

      As for Paije, it’s tempting to believe that he was saved for that neat little Harry Potter cross-promotion, isn’t it? I can’t see any other reason. I mean, John Adeleye was far more talented and got booted earlier (and weren’t JLS supporting him?) And it’s not like Paije isn’t a nice guy, etc, etc, but he’s just incredibly dull as a performer.

      1. yum mum

        out of the two i would much prefer to see katie go, but its the interest she stirs on the show that keeps her in it week after week…..paije is lovely but lovely doesnt cut it.

        personally id like to see the back of aiden grimshaw more than i would katie or paije , i just dont enjoy watching him at all , but then im not a twilight-loving-hormonal-moody-12 year old who’s happy to waste their weekly allowance on mobile phone topups to keep voting am i?.

        1. yum mum

          YES YES YES YES!!!!

          what a shock to the judges! what a shock to the strange boy himself. and what a pleasant site to see him show his true up-himself colours when the votes were revealed.

          i was so pleased when paijje got through……and i really thought the public would vote off katie, but i cannot tell you how exstatic i was to see aiden go.


  2. Gavin316

    i fully agree with the 5 but not for Cher,she has a unique voice and alot of kids listen to rap/hiphop now alot of ppl complain she doesnt sing enough but when she has just sung she has a fantastic voice and has a fanbase out there,i can see her making the final and after tonights shock result in which i was certain katie would have went its hard to know which way the public will vote each week because aiden wasnt the worst yesterday.

  3. Gerard McGarry

    Cruel I know, but I’m still laughing at that X Factor twist last night. It seemed so certain that Katie would go, but for her to stay and a complete surprise like Aiden leaving instead…pure brilliance. Katie haters and diehard Aiden fans up in arms with one deft deadlock decision! I loved it!

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