X Factor 2010: Hazel Jackson isn’t Simply The Best

Spunky pensioner Hazel Jackson auditions in front of the [[The X Factor 2010|X Factor]] Judges in Manchester. She shares with the audience that her husband left her last year and hints heavily that Louis Walsh might be the lucky guy!

In a nice touch, Hazel prances around the stage singing Tina Turner’s Simply The Best, which will no doubt draw ‘simply the worst’ comments from the judges. It’s quite an awful performance as she lustily serenades Louis while dancing around her handbag. The leopard print dress is just a bonus.

Louis subtly tells her “it was very entertaining” and Nicole Scherzinger praises the “energy and spirit you brought to that song”. Simon tells her that he loves her but refuses to unleash her on the British public. Both the male judges give Hazel a rejection, and only Nicole gives her a yes.

So we won’t be seeing Hazel at Boot Camp. Try to contain your tears, Shout readers!

Still, not a bad performance for a 69 year old woman. Though we seem to be laughing at the older acts this year and not taking them seriously at all. Is it time to bring back a maximum age limit?

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