X Factor 2010: Is Katie Waissel a complete fake?

You couldn’t forget Katie Waissel after you’d seen her first audition on [[The X Factor 2010|X Factor]] – she’s the girl who dressed like an early-80’s Madonna and sang We Are The Champions. And if the costume wasn’t enough, you’ll remember her pleading with a quite hostile Simon Cowell to have another shot once she’d messed that one up.

Now, what I’m about to tell you isn’t new information – it turns out that Katie has already released a jazz album under the name Lola Fontaine. And she’s appeared on another reality TV show called Green Eyed World under the stage name Katie Vogel. To be honest, she’s performed under so many different names, we’re not even sure Waissel is her real name.

Anorak have a fantastic article which quite clearly links Katie to various X Factor and Sony BMG contacts, which makes her wide-eyed first appearance on the show seem less than coincidence.

Now that we know Katie Waissel is an actress and professional singer, it’s interesting to watch her first audition all over again. Watch her starry-eyed walk out onto the stage and listen to her gasp as she takes in the audience of auditionees. Listen to the cute, ditzy banter as she fluffs her lines and pleads for a second chance. As Anorak say,

Had she just got her song right first time over, Katie would have been less memorable. But she ‘fluffled’ it, and having begged for another chance, Cowell gave her “20 seconds”. That make-or-break time limit was extended when Katie started singing.

My opinion? I feel slightly hoodwinked. Especially with the knowledge that she and fellow contestant Storm Lee both performed for Paris Hilton. It feels right to be outraged that the X Factor is progressing a number of singers who’ve got clear connections in the industry. What happened to those dreamers who sing in their bedrooms hoping for a shot at fame?

But on the other hand, Katie Waissel has an undeniably good singing voice, and has the ability to perform, and most importantly, to entertain. I like her, actress or not. Only time will tell if she can be carved into a relevant pop singer though. Some of her song choices at audition stage have been out of touch.

What’s your take? Should Katie be kicked off X Factor, or does she deserve a shot, despite the fact that she’s already had a record deal?

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  1. RandomEnigma

    I don’t think so. I mean the girl isn’t well known so I think she should have a crack at trying to earn herself a big bucks record deal. You’ll find that a lot of X-Factor contestants have some kind of connection to the industry. Be it business or personal. For example, Leona Lewis was supposedly best friends with Keisha Buchanan (formerly of the Sugababes) before auditioning and I remember Season 2 act The Conway Sisters had released a single in Ireland before appearing as contestants on The X-Factor. Maybe that’s unfair on the contestants who didn’t get past the stage of singing into a hairbrush in front of a mirror but hey, that’s life – some people have more connections and experience than others! That doesn’t make them better or worse than anyone else.

    I have a soft spot for this Katie – she’s really cute and I think she has a decent voice and should prove entertaining. Hey, imagine if they kick Katie out and replace her with that 19 year old full time mum and rumoured hooker (her name escapes me)?! :O

    1. Gerard McGarry

      I’m kind of with you in that I like Katie. But imagine the same news about the insufferable Storm Lee.

      I think the sticking point for most people will be that Katie (and Leona, and The Conway Sisters) are being portrayed as random amateurs who walked into an audition. Now, that clearly helps the X Factor claim they ‘discovered’ them, but it’s not particularly honest. I’d like to know that someone has had 8 years of playing gigs and that at least would help me to ascertain whether their performances match the amount of experience they have.

      I should say that I’m not against the X Factor going out and inviting people to audition. At the end of the day, open auditions don’t yield the best results. Scouting for talent might actually be a way of guaranteeing better singers in the live shows. They just need to be upfront about it.

  2. steelcitylambrit

    To me she just comes across as trying far too hard to be “quirky” – which I suppose by x-factor standards she is, just by virtue of dressing like early 80s Madonna! However even leaving the image aside I think she’s got one of the weakest voices out of the solo contestants. I was struck comparing her version of the Dylan song to Gamu – I thought Gamu’s version was far more natural and convincing. Personally I’m surprised the show’s producers obviously worked so hard to release her from her current contract – she’s not that good!

    1. Gerard McGarry

      Yeah, Lisa said something similar about her voice compared with Gamu’s. I think Gamu gave a very unique interpretation to Katie, but I liked both renditions – Katie for being straightforward pop and Gamu for being different and a little edgy.

  3. kathy hamilton-brace

    i agree with all of you i think she has got the weakest voice and gamu sounded so natural i honestly think a group might win this year i really do think so but that just my opinion and you all deserve an opion but weather it is fact or not is the question i think it is only fair a group wins its mostly all solo singers out there it a hard world i no and ithink a good group is what the world needs what do you think?

  4. doreen4328

    I just listened to Katie’s audition & I think the girl deserves a chance. She came out quite prepared to sing her chosen song & Simon asked her to change it. THAT in itself is enough to blow ones mind & make one forget the words. I think it was totally unfair of Simon to ask her to change her audition song. Auditioning is THE most nerve wracking experience  & then to have someone ask you to change the song is in my opinion just too much.

    I am speaking from experience here & I know how I would feel if I were in Katie’s position

    I could hear when she sang “At Last” that she has what it takes to be a singer & I think she deserves a chance.

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