X Factor 2010: Mary Byrne eliminated in tonight’s results show

In what might have been the most predictable X Factor results show yet, Mary Byrne found herself in a sing-off situation with Cher Lloyd. And even more predictably, only Louis Walsh voted to save her. Out of loyalty only, because Louis has been waxing lyrical lately about his love for Rebecca and how he thinks Matt Cardle will ultimately win the series.

What was great about tonight’s judges’ votes is that we all knew Simon and Cheryl would opt to save Cher. So, despite voting second, Dannii Minogue was deemed to have the casting vote. The X Factor fanatics had already lit their torches and pitchforks and were blaming Dannii for making it ‘a fix’. Nonsense of course – Mary had simply started to bore the public a little.

I talked about this last night in my prediction post, So Long Mary Byrne: Mary had managed to stereotype herself with a stack of Shirley Bassey covers and very samey performances. We weren’t the only ones to notice that Mary’s attitude on stage had become very half-hearted. You can speculate on this in the comments, but I think she knew that the judges were pushing certain acts toward the finals and she hadn’t a hope of competing fairly.

The watchword here was predictability – the top three were announced in quick succession: Matt Cardle, Rebecca Ferguson and One Direction. All through to the final and safe. In fact, if it hadn’t been for three top-notch performances from Alexandra Burke, Black Eyed Peas and the cast of Glee, it wouldn’t have been that exciting.

Still, Mary’s gone now. But she did leave one lasting memory for me – that look of DEATH she gave to Cher Lloyd when both were onstage waiting to hear their fate. I get the feeling that Mary’s going to be a little bit disgruntled by the way she went out. But she’s on the tour, which is plenty of motivation to keep her mouth shut and get on with it.

Do you guys think it was a fix to keep Cher in the competition, or was Mary simply running out of tricks to show the audience?

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  1. canadiangal

    It was Mary’s time to go….I don’t think there was a fix.  She hasn’t been consistant in her singing lately, although her performance tonight was excellent.  Also, this show is really all about youth and beauty and being a pop star.  Mary made a respectable showing and will go on tour and make an album.  With luck she will be a modest success in her music genre. 

  2. Gavin316

    i think everyone knew Mary was going tonight she was by far the worst out of the other 4 contestants,gotta say though Chers performance of Every Time was for me anyway her best,it had emotion and it was believable now ppl might say is this the way she should have sung from the start?maybe, maybe not,the girl wants to be different and i for one like what she done so far,she wont win the show but it wont matter anyway because she will get signed weather its by Simon Cowell or Will-i-am or Jay z as reported,out of the 4 remaining acts i see only 2 cracking America Cher and Rebecca,and its rebecca who im going for as the winner,shes got it all sure she doesnt move around but to be honest that is neither here nor there she will have the long lasting career,Matt for me has gone backwards theres just something i dont like about him he is coming across as being abit opinionated and news reports that are not favourable towards him,so by the end of sundays show dont be suprised to see the favourite as the runner up,like last year Olly was backed to win and Joe came out on top, so its not a dead cert for Matt but one things for sure its going to be a great final.

  3. justME

    I thought Mary did her singout really well, her intonation was well controlled, and her presence for the song showed a showbiz attitude. her repertoire may not be extensive, but at least she doesn’t try to do something she’s not ready for. on the other hand Cher tried hard,sticking safe to a song without the additional rapping, etc, where her voice goes all over the place, one minute shes squealing the notes, other times shes shouting, she instead kept to a song to sing- i thought her vocals were weak though, no projection or emotions, or dramatic input- just her being upset that she may be ousted out. personally i’d like to have seen all the contestants do rapp sometime in the show, and other stuff- after all this is supposed to be about the music popbiz, so i don’t think Cher is anything different to the show, just that she’s been given the rapp to do.Cher seems a bit experimental really, where as Mary could expand her vocals much more, and we haven’t seen that. i found the voting predictable for a show as the xfactor.

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