X Factor 2010: Matt Cardle blows us away with a Bruno Mars song

Contemporary hit alert! Matt Cardle closes off tonight’s [[The X Factor 2010|X Factor]] by covering Bruno Mars’ Just The Way You Are, which is interesting because Bruno hasn’t really been around long enough to be his hero. But whatever.

This is an interesting performance, because the song has been given a Coldplayesque makeover with a pulsing backing band. I’d watch that, because it may end up making every track Matt sings sound the same.

As for the vocals, not as note perfect as I would have liked them to be, but I love the tone of Matt’s voice tonight. Interesting that he ditched the hat tonight, but it made him look tidy and maybe to the ladies, attractive.

Judges’ Comments

  • Louis: Last week you were incredible, this week I think you stole the show, Matt. I love the way it was note perfect and that’s what I call pop music. You remind me a little bit of Bono.
  • Cheryl: That’s one of those songs that every single girl in the country wants their boyfriend to buy for them. Great song choice, and I thought you delivered it really well.
  • Simon: Bruno Mars is one of the new talents this year. That song is incredible. I absolutely loved the production on it as well. You had two or three moments where you kind of fell off which I’m going to put down to nerves. It doesn’t matter, because it was a genius version of the song. Once you get the confidence, you’re going to turn out to be a brilliant recording artist.
  • Dannii: Matt, that was amazing! I don’t think you fell off that performance anywhere. That was one of the hardest songs that was on the stage tonight and you absolutely nailed it.

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