X Factor 2010: One Direction’s slightly tuneless Kelly Clarkson cover

Simon Cowell’s fabricated boyband One Direction take on Kelly Clarkson’s My Life Would Suck Without You on tonight’s [[The X Factor 2010|X Factor]].

Liam Payne kicked off the vocal, but the voice was a little out of tune in places. The guys excel in the choruses though, especially when the backing track gets loud enough to drown out the mistakes! Special credit to Harry who’s doing his jerky-punchy thing like he did last week. Music clearly makes him violent!

Apparently young Harry suffers terribly from nerves. Awww. Let’s mother him, shall we ladies?

The bottom line is, they’re improving. But the weak lead vocals from Liam were cause for concern, and I’m a bit annoyed that Simon Cowell didn’t pick up on that when he gave his critique. They were badly out of tune in places, and hardly the most exciting pop band in the country.

Judges’ Comments

  • Louis: You seemed to be having fun on stage. Every schoolgirl up and down the country is going to love this band. My only problem boys is with your mentor. Simon, Kelly Clarkson a hero? Really?
  • Dannii: You’re five heartthrobs. You look good together and Harry I’m sure whatever nerves you have, I’m sure that you’re friends and you stick together. The true measure of a boyband will be when you sing your first big ballad. And I’m looking forward to hearing that.
  • Cheryl: I can’t even cope with how cute you are. I just want to go up and hug them. I want to be able to be saying “Wow, this is the new big boyband” and I think that’ll come in time.
  • Simon: Well, that time has just come. You are, in my opinion, the most exciting pop band in the country today.

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