X Factor 2010: Paije Richardson sings his musical hero Alicia Keys

Paije Richardson follows rave reviews on last week’s [[The X Factor 2010|X Factor]] with a song by his musical hero, Alicia Keys. The song is If I Ain’t Got You.

I see they’re continuing to style Paije from the wardrobe of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. He’s wearing a white jacket over jeans. The performance, however, doesn’t feel very comfortable. He sounds like he’s straining in places. But when it works, his voice is delightfully soulful.

Friedman threw in a bunch of backup dancers that really had nothing to do with the song at all. That guy’s a maniac, he’s blowing the staging out of all proportion. Time to sack him for the second time.

As for Paije, he’s got a great voice, but I’m not sure he came across as well in this performance as the judges seemed to think.

Judges’ Comments

  • Louis: Paije, you know I’m one of your biggest fans, and that was such a big improvement on last week. You seem to be a lot more comfortable singing that song. I think Alicia Keys is a difficult song for a boy to sing.
  • Cheryl: I wasn’t sure of the song choice at first, but I think towards the end you convinced everybody. You could feel the buzz in the room. Well done.
  • Simon: You’re like sunshine when you walk out onto the stage. You put everyone in a good mood. I thought the song was much better toward the end. The only issue I have – it looked like the dancers had walked out on to the wrong song. It’s literally like the song was chorus line, they walk out and they’re doing something that’s completely opposite to you.
  • Dannii: I thought it worked with the song. It’s kind of young and hip and cool to mix with things on stage these days. I was so happy with that performance tonight. It did get hotter and hotter towards the end.

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