X Factor 2010: Paije Richardson strips back Chaka Khan’s Ain’t Nobody

Opening up tonight’s [[The X Factor 2010|X Factor]] was Paije Richardson. Styled as badly as ever in a peach coloured jacket, Paige treated us to a soulful, stripped down version of Chaka Khan’s Ain’t Nobody.

He said in his intro video that his aim was to show off what he could do with his voice. There’s no denying that Paije is a phenomenal singer. His problem is styling – he looks like a 90’s throwback, and he’s singing massively outdated songs like this. 

Paije ends the song on a brilliant climax, but for me Paije hasn’t made himself important in this competition yet. Like a lot of the singers this year, you can be a great vocalist, but if you don’t stand out, if your personality isn’t big enough, people aren’t going to buy your records. I can’t see Paije winning this show based on the last three weeks of performances.

On that similar “American” show, Simon Cowell would have told a performer like Paije that he’d have forgotten his performance by the time he got into his limo at the end of the show.

Judges’ Comments

  • Louis Walsh: I love your choice of song, I love the new arrangement, and you just got better and better as the song went on. This is your best week yet. I know you’ve had a very difficult personal week, but you came out on that stage and you were amazing.
  • Dannii Minogue: You have arrived, Paije. The way that you’ve matured in one week is exceptional. The vocals were perfect from start to end and there was a sparkle in your eye that was magic.
  • Cheryl Cole: The most comfortable you’ve looked and the most confident performance you’ve delivered. I thought it was fantastic.
  • Simon Cowell: I didn’t like what you were wearing. Now Paije, you’ve gotta turn yourself into a popstar. The performance was okay, but now you’ve got to start behaving and acting like a star. Having said that, the end part of the vocal was absolutely outstanding. You’ve gotta start believeing that you can win this competition


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