X Factor 2010: Rebecca Ferguson

Third act to perform on tonight’s [[The X Factor 2010|X Factor]] is shy scouser Rebecca Ferguson. Oh my, she’s dressed as Jessica Rabbit.

This girl has one of the best jazz voices ever to have been featured on The X Factor. She’s smoky and laid back and – tonight, at least – she looks pretty sexy. Close your eyes and Rebecca could be singing this in some Parisian club.

She makes one of the fatal flaws on this show – she performs the song almost entirely with her eyes closed. Maybe she’s imagining herself in a smoky jazz club? (The song’s Why Don’t You Do Right?)

But however much I enjoyed this performance, is Cheryl going to style Rebecca toward a more adult audience or is she going to give us Rebecca The Contemporary Popstar?

Judges’ Comments

  • Louis Walsh: Liverpool has definitely got a brand new popstar. What a transformation, because I meet you backstage and you’re this really shy nice girl and you walk on the stage tonight and you’re like an American diva. You’re definitely a class act.
  • Dannii Minogue: I would be one of the people who buys your record. For sure. Not only is it that kind of style of music that I love, but tonight was the best performance you’ve done by far. I didn’t love the dress and all the makeup – I think you’re so beautiful the camera absolutely eats you up. It made you look older than you are, because you’re a young funky chick and you know that I love your style and it aged you a bit tonight.
  • Cheryl Cole: You tick every single box, and that performance was every single thing it should be – classy, sensual, you’re there. I can’t wait to see you progress.
  • Simon Cowell: What I feel tonight is, it’s almost like the target practise is over and this is the night where you kind of judge people for the first time. This was the night you turned into a star. I can’t fault any part of that. This is so exciting. I read something Elton John said in the papers which is a really bitchy thing saying that these shows don’t produce stars. Well Elton, if you’re not watching, I’m gonna send you this tape and you can take back what you said.

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