X Factor 2010: Should Cheryl Cole be fired for not voting?

Should Cheryl be fired for abstaining?

According to MTV, X Factor fans are raging that Cheryl Cole allowed Katie Waissel to be saved on the Sunday night results show, despite the singer forgetting the words in her sing-off song.

We love it when fans on the Internet cause a furore – it’s often more entertaining than what happened on the show, watching people over-react to the situation. And MTV have a load of lovely quotes from enraged, borderline psychopathic fans. And today’s theme? Sack Cheryl Cole! Raise your virtual torches and pitchforks, Internet, we going to a lynching!

She’s paid a lot of money to be a judge and she failed to do her job. She’s spineless. If she can’t do it then she should be sacked.

Regardless of what you think of Katie and Treyc, Cole has just forfeited her right to be a judge.

And with all the claims flying about that Cheryl barely spends any time coaching her acts anymore – and jetted off to LA last week, leaving them in the lurch – the backlash against Cole is reaching fever pitch.

But here’s my tuppenceworth – Treyc was never going to win. Here’s why:

  1. The ‘narrative’ of the show has favoured people like Cher Lloyd, Katie Waissel and Matt Cardle. They’ve been made interesting by the press stories about them.
  2. Treyc was the poor cousin – she wasn’t styled brilliantly or given the massive set pieces – like Cher’s Purple Rain or Katie’s overblown background video last week. I think this backs up my first point – Treyc was brought in as ‘filler’, but was never intended to win.
  3. Despite an amazing voice, poor song choices and a lack of on-stage charisma killed Treyc off. At this point in The X Factor, we should be able to imagine what an album by the contestant should sound like, but Treyc’s would have been an inconsistent mish-mash of cover versions, right?

By the same logic, Katie Waissel doesn’t stand a chance either. She’s deeply unpopular, but tabloid friendly. Simon Cowell virtually confirmed that on the Xtra Factor. The public are incredibly hostile toward her because she comes across as fake and a desperate wannabe.

The point I’m trying to make is that it doesn’t matter that Treyc (much as I liked her) left before Katie. Neither were going to be singing alongside Prince in the grand final. 

And I don’t think Cheryl forfeited her right to be a judge – she claimed she’d send it to deadlock if she had the choice, and the decision was then taken away from her. I think this was largely down to time constraints – each judge felt the need to pontificate about how cruel it was that both were in the bottom two and blah blah blah. I think they simply didn’t have time to go back to Cheryl, then send it to deadlock.

But – as usual – over to you lot! Do you think Cheryl neglected her duties as a judge? Should Katie have been saved or sacrificed?

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  1. Gavin316

    to be honest who cares she didnt vote its not the end of the world,why didnt dermot go to Cheryl last like he did a few weeks ago to simon?i wouldnt say shes spineless either she showed guts by putting Katie and Cher through (who has impressed me now) over Gamu who was a great singer,its just a witch hunt or ppl with to much time on there hands,the x factor without Cheryl would be a much less intresting show simply because Louis lost the plot and Dannis about as intresting as watching paint dry,once this show is finished ppl wont care less whats went on because the producers alreadt know who they want to win and thats Matt or Rebecca the only 2 who stand a chance of having a lasting career,so give the girl a break theres more important things going on in the world that cheryl not voting or as it was seen not been given the chance when she clearly said go to them too and il take it to deadlock

  2. Mason-63

    Cheryl should not be fired i beleve that she generally thaught that they are both very good singers and she did not want either of them to leave due to their good singing talents and personally i beleve that she is right Katie shes a very Good singer and so is Treyc Cohen. So if i was Cheryl i would of said the same thing you can not blame her for not voting all because she thaught both of them are good.  people in this world need to stop assuming things she may not have done.

    1. Gerard McGarry

      If memory serves me correctly, Simon Cowell was once forced to choose between two of his own acts and did it. It is part of the responsibility of the judge to choose which act to vote off.

      I’m not saying that Cheryl should be fired, of course. The idea is ridiculous. It’s hardly a sacking offense. But I think the decision had more to do with her protecting her public persona of being ‘nice’ Cheryl rather than having difficulty choosing between Katie and Treyc.

      If I’d been in her place, I would have acknowledged that Katie has a massive PR problem – she has had since day one. The public don’t like her, and nothing the production does to change that seems to be working. Plus, Katie’s voice has been off in the last couple of weeks. If I’d been Cheryl, I would have saved Treyc, because she at least had the talent. Then I’d have mounted a massive campaign to build her publicity.

      Cheryl spends so much time thanking her contestants for all their hard work and not enough actually building a profile for them. Look at Simon Cowell telling One Direction that they’re the most exciting group in pop right now. Louis Walsh also draws comparisons to classic artists to help ‘pitch’ his acts to the right fanbase. Cheryl needs to find somebody to liken Cher Lloyd to (and not herself!) in terms of attitude and musicality, likewise Rebecca. Treyc never got a consistent set of song choices.

      In that regard, I stand by what I said above – I think she was an afterthought in Cheryl’s group.

  3. Ageing tart

    I think cheryl refused to make a decision because the audience were a lynch mob in full furore. The judges must have been terrified to sit through all the shouting and screaming of who to eliminate.

    Which is good reason why the whole show should be based upon the voting viewers. That way the audience and viewers have themselves entirely to blame if their favourite has to go home.


    Ageing tart

  4. Doozer

    As the rules and procedures seem to made on the spur of the moment — the order of the judges’ votes and giving contestants one free pass if they have a sore throat — they should just make another rule in response to this issue.  Take Cole’s vote away this weekend. 

    Yes it is not fair to change the rules during the game, but this gameshow has never been about fairness or even finding the best singer.  It is a publicity vehicle for the judges, a ratings generator for ITV, and guaranteed record sales for at least one year (sometimes more). The producers will love the column inches it would generate and it may actually work out for Cole if she appears contrite (as opposed to combative) on TV this weekend.

    1. Gerard McGarry

      I’m not sure it’ll make that much of a difference. For it to impact Cheryl at all, she would need two of her acts in the bottom two again, and that’s a very rare occurrence. I think it’s only happened twice in the entire run of X Factor.

      Still, I think the actual rule should be that if a mentor has two acts in the bottom two, they should be the first to vote. If they were serious about the competition, they’d pick the one that had the most chance of staying and winning the competition. If the mentor fails to vote, then their abstention actives the public vote – meaning that the opportunity to save the contestant is lost.

      It’ll never happen though.

      1. Doozer

        Yes, it would have the greatest impact if both of her acts were in the bottom two, but  it still would make a difference even if one of her acts lingering at the bottom.  In that case, she would not be able to “pair off” votes with the other mentor and would have to rely on both of the remaining judges voting for her act to avoid outright elimination and not just one (to force it to the public vote). There would be little impact if both of her acts avoid the bottom two.  Finally, the trivial case would be if Wagner was in the bottom two as he would go out 3-0.

        That said, I agree that nothing is going to happen.

  5. The Roberts Clan

    In fairness what Cheryl did is no worse that when the last judge backs out of putting their neck on the line and sends the decision to deadlock. To be honest I have to agree with Gerard neither of them were ever going ot win and personally I would have preferred for it to go to deadlock and lose the least popular.  Although if I’d been Cheryl I would have saved Treyc, any backlash couldn’t possibly have been any worse that the furore over Gamu.


    1. Gerard McGarry

      That kind of proves my point – I’d already forgotten about Gamu! In a few weeks we’ll have forgotten about Treyc too. It’s the Laura White scenario all over again – big furore from the public, driven mostly by the press. But when Laura released her first single, where were all the fans?

  6. justME


  7. Ageing tart

    JustMe, RobertsClan and Doozer. Great to know you are here.

    It could be a double elimination on Sunday. As the show finishes before Christmas and there are to many contestants still in the show. Only 6 Sundays till the 19th of December so there could be more double elimination weeks coming.

    I think Elaine Paige had some excellent ideas about who should be on the judging panel, and that is singing teachers, and real music industry mentors of the traditional type. Those involved with music careers and education. Not those seeking to feed their egos and already inflated bank accounts for doing very little. Which is what I’ve been saying all the time.

    Of the voting system I personally feel it should all be based on the viewers vote.

    That way the screaming lynch mob which doesn’t allow anyone time to think would be coming out to a concert instead of an open medieval market place come blasted arena.


    Ageing tart


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