X Factor 2010: Storm Lee disappoints with a Springsteen cover

Flame-haired pretentious ‘artist’ Storm Lee takes on a Bruce Springsteen song tonight in order to counter Simon Cowell’s claim that he’s a failed rocker.

He’s singing Springsteen’s Born To Run, a classic track by any standard. To keep the illusion that he’s some kind of rock singer, Louis or Brian Friedman (not sure which) has decked the stage out with a motorbike and black-clad dancers. It’s like an explosion in a rock cliche factory, right down to the flame-filled background.

The singing starts off very sub-par, and the vibe here is that Storm’s voice is not quite as strong as we’ve been led to believe. It’s certainly too weak for rock material. Framing him as a rocker may be just another example of Louis Walsh getting it completely wrong. The dancers take the emphasis away from Storm as a singer, and he doesn’t come across as the focal point on the stage, which is wrong. Friedman’s elaborate staging actually detracted from Storm tonight.

Bottom line? They need to go away and think about where they’re pitching this guy, because right now he comes across as a third-rate tribute act.

Judges’ Comments

  • Dannii: You sing very well. And I’m actually loving the whole presentation of it. Last week I was just in shock, now I’m loving it. Vocally if I was just listening to it, it’s not so individual for me.
  • Cheryl: I’m not completely sold on the fact that this is you. I’d like to see you just stand there and sing if that’s what you want to be judged on. Next week, if you’re here, lose the craziness.
  • Simon: You’re like a singing fly, because you’re just all over the place. This is, I fear, slightly Louis’ vision of what a rock star should be like. It’s so crazy, I can’t take you that seriously at the minute. I thought the vocal was okay. I wouldn’t listen to it in the car and go that’s the best version of Born To Run But I do like the fact that you’re a tryer.
  • Louis: Storm, you’re opening up the show. It’s the most difficult part of the show. It was amazing staging by Brian Friedman. Storm, you were born to sing.

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