X Factor 2010: Treyc Cohen performs Purple Rain

Treyc Cohen is the second act to take the stage on Saturday night’s X Factor. She’s following in the footsteps of Ruth Lorenzo and Danyl Johnson to sing Prince’s Purple Rain.

Looking sexy in a black leather bustier, Treyc gives an understated performance to begin with. There isn’t the same level of schmaltz cluttering up the stage as there was in Storm Lee’s performance. It’s just Treyc and her amazing voice. She belts out a fantastic interpretation of the song, but while it showcases her voice brilliantly, it’s not actually very musical.

Still, I think the performance puts Treyc in pretty safe territory for this week. And as you’ll see below, Simon raised a similar concern about her losing the melody in the middle of the song. She needs to control the wailing a little.

Judges’ Comments

  • Louis: Treyc, when I heard you last week and you did the U2 one I didn’t think you could do much better. Tonight that was much much better. It was a big challenge, you sang every note perfectly. You remind me a little bit of Tina Turner.
  • Dannii: Treyc you are this little petite popstar…with the biggest voice imaginable. Everybody has a soft spot for that song and it’s a really hard one to put your stamp on, but from the word go the audience in here absolutely loved it.
  • Simon: You look absolutely gorgeous by the way. That was incredible. It wasn’t perfect. I kind of think you lost the melody in parts. I still think you’ve got to let yourself go the way that you look. I think your styling isn’t right still. But this is why madam made the right decision putting you in the competition. You could be one to watch over the weeks.
  • Cheryl: You are the least assuming person ever. Your voice is so massive, yet your confidence is so little.

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