X Factor 2010: Wagner Carrilho covers Tom Jones’ Help Yourself

Oh, poor Wagner. He gets to cover Tom Jones as his musical hero on tonight’s X Factor.

Sadly, instead of this being a fun laugh with a cheesy performer, it’s quite tragic really. Wagner’s voice is shaking, but not as much as his hands were during that.

The song itself is quite good, but this is proof that Wagner’s out of his depth on this show. He was uncomfortable and deeply nervous. His singing was atrocious, and as Dannii says in her comments, the backing dancers are doing the same thing as last week. So how long do we have to put up with Wagner’s samey performances?

I have a lot of affection for Wagner, but it’s time he went home.

Judges’ Comments

  • Dannii: Oh my God! There’s a running theme with that choreography Brian where the girls do this with their hands. Did you sing all of that in English. Last week I could understand you, but this week I couldn’t.
  • Cheryl: I feel like I was really thrown back to the 60’s. The production was fantastic.
  • Simon: It was like being on Planet Venus in 1965. Embrace, enjoy the madness. This is Louis’ vision. I’ve gotta ask you one question – are you getting it on with Mary?
  • Louis: You’re a breath of fresh air on this show. I know you love the ladies and the ladies love you.

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