X Factor 2010, Week 5 – The Chart! We rank the contestants!

Have you been asking yourself who the best and worst singers were on tonight’s American Anthem-themed X Factor? Want us to do all the hard thinking for you? OK, then. We will!

It was definitely a hit and miss night on X Factor tonight. I would have said the theme was singing out of tune, because so many of the contestants were nailing that tonight. Let’s take a look at the highlights and the lowlights…

  1. Matt Cardle – Top notch. Wasn’t totally impressed that he sang a song from his early auditions, but he did knock it out of the park. Still, he’s got that excellent voice and those sparkling eyes to charm the ladies with. I’d bet on him for the final.
  2. Rebecca Ferguson – Simon called it the “Matt and Rebecca show”, and he was right. Rebecca has a strange vulnerability on stage, but at the same time projects amazing power from her voice when she sings. Definitely one of the favourites right now, she can do no wrong.
  3. Paije Richardson – Shocked? We were. Paije brought a great vocal, fantastic staging and a fun performance tonight. After weeks of forgettable songs, this was definitely his best performance yet – but is he back in the game? You tell us!
  4. Treyc Cohen – Treyc’s performance divided opinion. Some people thought it was yet another bland rendition, I thought it was a fantastic showcase for the girl’s voice. She looked hot, sang amazingly and commanded the stage. It’s up to Cheryl to start styling her better or face losing her.
  5. One Direction – These guys don’t even have to try, they’re virtually guaranteed votes from their rabid legion of fans. Not their best vocal tonight, but it was a lively performance that pleased the girlies and brought the house down.
  6. Katie Waissel – Ah, Katie. The unlikeable Katie Waissel gave an uneven performance of Don’t Speak tonight. Vocally it was a bit off, and she seemed a little less confident. But having been in the bottom two last week, she was probably nervous. This performance won’t have swayed the haters, but of all the tuneless performances tonight, it was probably the best.
  7. Aiden Grimshaw – Why is Aiden Intensity ranked so low? Not just for being off-key in places, but for delivering yet another variation of his ‘intense’ performing style. There’s just nothing new with Aiden, and I’m starting to think that we’ve seen everything Aiden has to give. Sorry folks.
  8. Cher Lloyd – Let’s call a spade a spade, readers. Cher can’t sing. No, be fair. Cher can’t sing very well. It was ambitious to try and sing and rap both parts of Empire State Of Mind, but ultimately she failed. The problem here is that Cher has the right vision, but she doesn’t have the talent to execute it. 
  9. Mary Byrne – Oh, Mary. You murdered that Faith Hill song, when it could’ve been your defining moment. What a terrible, wasted opportunity. I can see your confidence ebbing away each week and sadly it’s killing your performances. 
  10. Wagner – It was entertaining, as every Wagner performance is. But tuneless and slightly pervy, as every Wagner performance is. That dude is a restraining order waiting to happen.

The big question is – did we get it right? Were we too hard on Aiden and Mary or did we go too easy on Matt and Rebecca? Have your say in the comments…

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  1. sarah86

    who was the musical genius who came up with that ranking?!

    sorry but no. just no! while matt was vocally very good, he has sung that song during bootcamp (just like mary 2 weeks ago and she was criticized for that).. so, good but nothing new, really.

    pajie and trayc were good but kind of forgettable. sorry. they just lack star appeal.

    and ranking katie’s slaughter and bad karaoke-version of ‘don’t speak’ (I can do better, sorry) 6th while Aiden is ranked 7th is kind of ridiculous. he was not out of tune. not once. Aiden sang the song absolutely brilliantly (judges said so, too and look at the performance again, can u here the audience’s ‘aiden, aiden, aiden’-choir? that must say something). please, whoever wrote that go back and listen to his performance. not. out. of tune. at all. plus, getting the song u are supposed to perform in front of millions of people live on tv ONE day before the show sucks. I don’t know why they’re doing that to him. it’s about time that the contestants can pick their songs themselves. seriously. I agree, however, I am hoping for a surprise from Aiden.. something like his gold digger performance he did in his first audition. regardless, Aiden was absolutely among the very best tonight.

    one direction reminded me of a bad version of jonas brothers (just a few more boys). vocals were bad, song was horrible. they just didn’t seem to be musicians at all and, for the record, I do believe they are talented. let harry sing more, he has a beautiful voice. this week, however, it was worse than the weeks before. cute and fresh isn’t enough for me and shouldn’t, in fact, be for anyone out there who is judging the MUSICAL talent of the contestants.

    give Aiden more credit. seriously. he was amazing. youtube shows his performance tonight was the best right after matt cardle’s (Aiden has 300 likes while rebecca only has 120 or Pajie only 100, for instance.)

    that ranking is just wrong. so wrong. thumbs down.


  2. Helen1000

    My ranking is:


    1. Matt Cardle

    2. Tracy Cohen

    3. Rebecca Ferguson

    4. One Direction

    5. Aiden Grimshaw

    6. Paije Richardson

    7.  Mary Byrne

    8.  Wagner

    9. Cher Lloyd

    10.  Katie Waissel




  3. Ageing tart

    Well I’m one of those that won’t give my Saturday night now to the X factor. But whilst channel hopping tonight, I have seen snippets of at least two thirds of the contestants. In the short spells of attempted singing I have seen and heard, the majority seem to have studggled with staying in key tonight.

    Will have to watch them again tomorrow, just to catch up.



    Ageing tart

  4. Stephii09

    WHY IS AIDEN 7TH???? :s

    he was by far one of the best last night!! he wasnt out of tune and it wasnt that intense! He was Brilliant!!whoever wrote this needs to change it because that is soo wrong

    my ranking is:

    1.matt cardle

    2.Aiden Grimshaw –

    3.rebecca furguson

    4.paije richardson

    5.one direction

    6.tracy cohen

    7.Mary Byrne

    8.Cher lloyd


    10.Katie waissel

  5. Gavin316

    Cher cant sing?didnt anyone hear her last week?she chooses to rap which is the kind of artist she wants to be,shes different and ppl are afraid of being different heres how i ranked then last night.

    1. Matt

    2. Rebecca

    3. Treyc

    4. Cher

    5. Aiden

    6. Paige

    7. 1 Direction

    8. Katie

    9. Mary

    10. Wagner

  6. colourfulchatterbox

    My ranking; those who were in tune completly down to those who were out of tune the most.

    1. Rebecca

    2. Aiden

    3. Matt

    4. Paije

    5. Treyc

    6. One Direction

    7. Katie

    8. Cher

    9. Mary

    10. Wagner

    Wagner should be gone. I don’t think I need to explain why. Cher needs to choose if she wants to rap OR sing, she shouldn’t try to rap whilst singing she goes out of tune. Katie was flat. Mary messed up her high notes…One direction were slightly flat but still better than Katie. Treyc is always in tune, but she sounded screechy yesterday and I find her boring.

    My top four were all IN TUNE. I cannot belive you claimed that Aiden was not, listen back and you will see that everyone here who disagreed was right.

  7. Ageing tart

    Another shambolic week keeping the none singers in a so called singing competition.

    You know what would be really interesting to see would be the voting figures and percentages.


    Ageing tart

  8. Windi

    Really, “Matt and Rebecca show” is one among a few things I could agree with Simon, after the fact that he throws glittery sparkling compliments everywhere all over the place despite in my opinion, many of the acts don’t deserve at all.

    I’m impressed with Paije and very glad that he gradually gets a lot better in the past two weeks. Very dissapointed with Aiden. I was snapping fingers “this lad is the one. He’s the one!” during audition & judges’ house then none of his live show performances were impressive, also more and more boring as time goes on. 

    I got very frustrated and eventually settled down that people must have loved Katie so much (especially the judges, to choose her over Treyc). Treyc is not impressive as a reality character, but her voice is much more digestable than Katie. Katie’s voice was good during the first few audition rounds, and then that’s it. The voice barely has soul or depth, and it gets worse when she has to dance.

    Cher gets the popularity factor, no doubt. Even though I think she is overrated some times. What she does obviously is what kids/mainstream like nowadays, and she is smart enough. Her stuff somehow simply hasn’t clicked me enough. She could very well be in the final two, I think. Might be interesting to see where she goes from there.

    I don’t get One Direction a lot of times either. Their performances were not better than Belle Amie or even FYD, in the sense that their blending voice sounds bad, while the boy doing background oooh aaahh was pretty weak, and song choice + performance + delivery frankly were not impressive most of the times. But I do get their ‘look’ factor. Which is why it’s frustrating.

    In short, Rebecca, Matt, Paije, Mary and Cher are the real competition. Last hope should be given to Aiden, if he still got 10% surprise factor out of 90% that he’s a one trick pony. 

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