X Factor 2010: Why does everybody hate Cher Lloyd?

After Katie Waissel, teenage singer Cher Lloyd may be one of the most hated contestants on X Factor this year.

I’ve been watching this show since the very beginning and I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s a combination of horribly negative tabloid stories about Cher. On one hand they claim she’s in a fragile mental state, but on the other she’s a demanding little diva who’s always throwing tantrums behind the scenes. 

She’s even receiving death threats!

You wouldn’t believe some of the things that are written about this girl at the weekends on Twitter and Facebook. She’s been called a pikey slag, Cheryl Cole’s mini-me, and much much worse. I happened to be watching X Factor with my daughter, and she was reading the #xfactor feed – some of the comments toward a girl who’s essentially a teenager. Naturally, I had to switch Twitter off to spare my girl’s innocent eyes.

Why do people hate Cher Lloyd? Try a few of these:

  1. People are suspicious of Simon Cowell’s support for her. It was the same with Katie Waissel – if Cowell’s saving your ass every week and he’s not your mentor, he must have some kind of higher agenda, right?
  2. The rumours about her tantrums. Nobody likes a jumped up contestant with a sense of entitlement. Cross-reference with Katie Waissel. Though I’d be inclined to forgive a bit of volatility from Cher because she’s been getting bad press since day one. The pressure on her must be immense.
  3. The bad singing. This ties in to point #1 – how can the judges constantly give her good comments when her voice is the X Factor equivalent of nails on a blackboard? People aren’t stupid – they can hear the cheap warbling and it doesn’t warrant such glowing praise. I have my own thoughts on why Cher’s important for the X Factor, but I doubt that makes a difference to the public.

Our own Jo Curtis wrote a post about the negative publicity for the X Factor contestants this year. There’s definitely been a harsher press response, and this informs how the public think about the contestants.

I don’t think Cher is the best singer in the competition this year. She hasn’t got a hope of winning the show. I do think that she’s a unique act and hopefully there’ll be more urban acts next year as a result.

But…like I said about Justin Bieber last week, where do we as adults get off being so harsh about a teenage girl? I mean, Cher’s clearly putting in the effort. You can see that in the staging and in the improvement in her rapping. It’s not her fault that Simon Cowell’s favouring her for reasons only known to himself.

Where do you guys stand – are people right to hate Cher so intensely they send her death threats and wish her dead? Or should we cut the girl a little more slack?

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  1. Gavin316

    being a watcher of the X Factor since the very first series,this is the first series that ive never seen so much hate for a single person,where do people get off sending deaths threats to a person they dont even know?i personally dont take much notice of the tabloids,Cher does seem abit high profile and hard to handle at times but isnt she just wanting to be the best she can be?i think she can sing not the greatest but the voice is there and after tonights sing off,which i thought was one of her best i think she deserved her place in the final,will she win?no defo not but i think shes been painted abit harsher than she comes across which to me is like shes playing a role of the atist she wants to be,the girl is obviously fragile and maybe she should have waited a few years and gained more experience before taking on a show of this size,but she’ll get signed and i say good luck to her,because nobody deserves the treatment shes been getting everyone throws a wobbler at some point in there lives and in a show like this your under the microscope constantly,its hard to say why simon likes her is it because theres been nobody else like her in the shows history or something else we’ll never no,but i say give the girl a chance and il be intrested to see who actually does sigh her.

  2. justME

    I’VE read Chers comments about her death threats – i think people have been OTT to send her such messages. But, her comment about people should’nt take it so seriously is just plain daft to people that see the show as important. i won’t be voting for her because i can’t take her seriously, she doesn’t seem ready at all to be a performer- yes she works hard at it, another BUT from me- she doesn’t look to me as if she’s performing to people, but to herself. if she can’t hold her stage act together without tears if she may be ousted out, then she’s not coping with showbiz. it’s obviously emotional for everyone, but come on, there’s a time for tears and it’s not whilst your singing – my husband calls her ‘bawley’. also she comments that shes young- uh- duh Cher- what does she think people are?- we know you’re young Cher – i don’t think thats an excuse to use just because she’s not experienced enough as a performer to retain performer skills when the going gets a bit tough- after all- she’s in it ‘cos she wants to be.

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