X Factor 2010 – Your final 12 contestants revealed!

Tonight we finally got the confirmed list of finalists for [[The X Factor 2010]]. And it looks like Lisa over on Unreality TV managed to predict the final 12 with deadly accuracy.

We’ll do a post-show analysis later on, but initial feeling is that the quality of the singers is pretty strong. Unfortunately, quite a few of them are going to be extremely hard to like. And there’s wild controversy about Gamu Nhengu getting dropped in favour of Katie Waissel. I’m not happy about Treyc Cohen getting rejected either!

Under 28 Males

Mentored by Dannii Minogue this year, the Under 28 male finalists are as follows:

  1. Aiden Grimshaw: We’re finding it incredibly hard to warm to Aiden, who seems to have the looks factor, but crucially not the personality factor. That said,
  2. Matt Cardle: The singing painter and decorator who probably does nothing of the sort. Regular readers of Shout know that we’re big fans of Matt’s voice, and he’s our favourite out of Dannii’s group.
  3. Nicolo Festa: Another egomaniac to the magnitude of Mr Storm Lee, the Italian singer who constantly gets Mika played in the background of his appearances isn’t attracting much love from viewers so far.

Over 28s

Given the good news by their mentor Louis Walsh in a haunted Irish castle, here are the three confirmed Over 28 Year Old singers:

  1. John Adeleye: A surprisingly good singer, John hasn’t had much focus from the auditions episodes this far, but he may actually be the stronger singer of Louis’ group this year.
  2. Mary Byrne: Known as “Mary from Tesco” to her legions on fans. We love Mary’s attitude, but there’s never been an X Factor contestant more in need of a makeover.
  3. Storm Lee: He’s certainly got the Dick Factor. Oh, we’re probably being unfair, but the pretentiously named Storm strikes us as being a bitter egomaniac, because nobody loves him as much as he loves himself. There’s a reason he’s applying for X Factor at the age of 37.

The Groups

The groups this year are being mentored by none other than Simon Cowell, and his three groups are:

  1. F.Y.D.: Our crack reporting team tell us that FYD stands for Follow Your Destiny (thanks, @mandylou68). A very “X Factor” style name. Probably the most polished of the
  2. One Direction: – boyband consisting of solo entrants Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Zany Malik and Niall Horan
  3. Belle Amie: – put together at bootcamp, consisting of Rebecca Creighton, Sophia Wardman, Geneva Lane and Esther Campbell.

We can’t believe that The Reason got binned and even Diva Fever fell foul of the two groups that were manufactured at boot camp.

Under 28 Females

Cheryl Cole’s group – the Under 28 females – are probably the most controversial group of the lot. It would seem that Cheryl has simply went along with the show’s narrative and chosen the singers who’ve had the most screen time. There’s been a fair bit of outcry that Treyc Cohen and Annastacia Baker were sent home, especially since Cher Lloyd didn’t even complete her song at Cheryl’s house.

  1. Cher Lloyd: Dom Joly brilliantly described Cher as an “anorexic chav rapper”. We think Cher has the potential to be a great singer, but her hysterics at every turn are becoming annoying.
  2. Katie Waissel: Katie Weasel blubbed all the way through getting her news tonight. You have to hand it to the girl, she knows how to make good TV, but she’s as authentic as the produce in Del Boy’s kitchen.
  3. Rebecca Ferguson: Cripplingly shy scouser Rebecca already looks and sounds like a popstar. We’re hoping that she can present a slightly more contemporary sound on the live shows though.

Over to you lot – are you happy with the Final 12, or is the line-up missing someone you’d have liked to see at live finals?

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  1. Robbi

    OK, here’s challenge to Linda-

    As highlighted in the preview to next weeks first “Live” Final performances there is to be a “Big Twist”.

    Given that I’m fairly confident the “Big Twist” will result in the Final 12 becoming the Final 16, with a “Wildcard” chosen by each judge for their particular category, can Linda predict who those additional 4 Finalists may be ? 

  2. Labby

    Of the finalists picked, the one’s that are so wrong on all levels are those picked by Danni and Cheryl.


    Danni – of all the boys picked, the only one I believe can sing is Matt and as for the other two, enough said. But then again, Danni is not know for picking good singers, song choices or anything for that matter other than looking good. I think I see Sharon’s point.


    Cheryl – I think we the audience are being punked as I do not see a reason for her choices. Cher did not give a good second audition in bootcamp nor did she give a good one at the Judges house and Cheryl knew this hence stopping her quickly before she went any further.

    Katie Weasel – this is someone who has consistently messed up from the first audition. Come on now, you get very good singers like Gamu, Kerri, TreyC and Anastacia and you dump them because of the publicity ride you would generate from a tramp who is prepared to do anything and I mean literally anything just to be famous is a travesty and does not encourage young people who are willing to work hard to achieve their dreams. Instead, it tells them do stupid things and it would be alright for you. What a joke!!

    1. Gerard McGarry

      Matt’s definitely the strongest act in Dannii’s group. The others are largely forgettable/overrated. There’s a weird disconnect when I see Aiden Grimshaw perform. For all his facial gurning, there’s no actual emotion in his performances. As for Nicolo Festa, he may claim that he’s being edited badly, but he bugs me.

  3. yum mum

    i took an interest in john adelaye when Oritse Williams (from jls) name dropped him as a pal of the band quite a few weeks ago on live tv – at that point we hadnt really seen him on the audition shows – which i found strange.

    suddenly he’s snook in the back door and got a slot on the live shows without us really getting to know him.

    going back to pop idol, you may remember we never really saw Will Young’s early auditions on the tv either and there is very little footage of him, yet he suddenly jumped to the forefront of our reality tv world and ended up winning the show.

    john could well be the dark horse of the competition.

    1. Gerard McGarry

      I agree – John has a great vibe. He’s a good looking guy, a talented singer and seems really confident. For me, he’s easily stronger than the other acts in the Overs category.

  4. Amy_D

    I dont like any of Cheryls choices this yr and the same with 2 of Danni’s Matt is gonna go far in this season, god help us with the groups.


    Katie and Cher are ‘my’ this yrs Jedward!!!

  5. mandylou68

    Thanks for crediting me with the meaning of FYD but *sniff* you got my name wrong!! It’s mandylou68 not marylou68!!!!

    But having said that it’s a great article that probably voiced the majority of our opinions about the final 12. I’m not entirely happy with who are in the live finals and wait with baited breath at this “Big Twist” that we are hearing about. I’ve also heard about the Wildcard and each judge being able to pick one more for their category. Hopefully this means some of the more worthy contestants will be given their chance for glory….. can’t wait!!

    1. Gerard McGarry

      It’s so embarrassing when you call out another woman’s name! I’m just lucky not to be close enough to get slapped (on this occassion)!

      I’ve corrected my heinous mistake – hope you weren’t too offended 🙂

      Looking forward to the excellent wildcard round, which I must write about later on, because I have concrete opinions about who may or may not be brought back!

  6. mi4

    Cher is getting all this negative publicity! I truly believe she’s the best! Yes it was a bit  messy the last time she sang but let’s not 4get that she suffered from tonsilitis ( which I had b4) and I  am telling you she so brave to have tried!It’s very painful! Secondly, let’s not 4get she just lost her beloved uncle! how much can she deal with at once for a 16/17 year old! I am sure she’s going to pick herself up for the live shows. GO CHER

    1. jolondon

      Does Cher have talent? Without a doubt and I loved her singing Soulja Boy. But Gamu should be there too it is meant to be asinging competition she is a huge talent and should be given a chance. The show has become a complete farce and if it is not to lose total credibility they should bring GAMU back!!

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