X Factor 2010: Yuli Minguel gets a standing ovation from Nicole Scherzinger

32 year old Yuli Minguel blows smoke up Simon Cowell’s ass by telling him she came from the Netherlands to the UK because it’s the music capital of Europe. That’s her excuse for not auditioning in her home country.

She auditions with a feisty song called Falling In Love with a soaring voice. With her crazy hair and bubbly personality, it was a pleasure to watch her, and the judges obviously loved her.

Guest judge Nicole Scherzinger tells her “There’s something about you that gives me goosebumps. You have the X Factor girl!” Louis Walsh raves that “I love your spirit, I love your soul, I love your voice, I love that you owned the whole stage.”

Simon Cowell says that “I love to find people like you that are talented and for some reason haven’t had the right break. What you bring is fun to what we’re doing, and I think you represent this older category perfectly.”


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  1. Ageing tart

    A shame they don’t just have a show for the older singer. When we know in the heats the older singers disappear in the early stages despite having the strong voices.

    The show will prove yet again how it is skewered towards youth.


    Ageing tart

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