X Factor 2011: vote via Face Book?


This years series of the X Factor will have a new voting twist, The Sun reported today.

As well as being able to vote by phoning the normal premium rate numbers, you will hopefully also be able to vote online using the social networks credit system.


The move, set to be backed by Simon Cowell, will see the network launch a credit buying system, much like the one Microsoft have in place for users of the X Box 360 live, where you can purchase ‘credit’ for your account to be used to vote on the site.

Cowell has said to be thrilled with the idea, as the majority of viewers are of the age group where social networking has become a major form of communication.

Talks are underway between ITV and the Network bosses, and hope to be in place before the launch of the live finals, this December.

Phone votes will still be in use and counted in just the same way.

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